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Welsh National Opera Limited

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Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £6,011,414
  • 2013-2014: £6,149,676
  • 2014-2015: £6,315,102

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Grains of Dust by Carleen Anderson

Song 1 - Grains of Dust by Carleen Anderson Verse 1 (You, me, are we All for one or fall) Far from any worries of Third World Problems (Far from Third World Problems) Entitled Paved Streets (Paved Opportunity) Curbsides bordering the lawns for the chance of (Golden Chances) Opportunity (Or just plain lucky) Chorus 1 Marching to the chorus singing Them or US Vocalising We Not Them are Worthy of Love Labelled as Superior or Less to the Gods Blinded by the Separations Between Grains of Dust Verse 2 (Fire) The fire blasting through the flesh of her loved one (His lifeless body falls) His lifeless body falls Face down pressed against the ground Cold, cruel payment Breath and blood – Last Sounds Chorus 2 Marching to the choir singing Them or Us (The build up from repression The ongoing oppression - Long standing debts) Vocalising We Not Them are Worthy of Love (The systematic weapons Repeating unlearned lessons – over again) Labeling Superior or Less to the Gods (The weary testifying The worn out justifying – all sides will lose) Blinded by the Separations (The cycle of violence Will only end when respect Is for everyone (Between Grains of Dust) Parted by the pull of Power and Glory Blinded by the Separations Between Grains of Dust Composed and performed by Carleen Anderson Percussion Crispin Robinson Music recorded and produced by Ty Cerdd studios. Film by Tim Hopkins Joins us on twitter - Amplify the protest -

Watch the Moses in Egypt trailer

Unchainable Don't miss a moment. Book now. |

2015/2016 Season announcement: LIVE

WNO Chief Executive and Artistic Director David Pountney talks us through the full season repertoire for 2015/2016.

Watch the Carmen trailer

Don't miss a moment. Book now: Until 27 Nov. See us in Cardiff, Swansea, Oxford, Llandudno, Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham and Southampton.

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WNO Chorus Ice Bucket Challenge

Our WNO Chorus accepted the ice bucket challenge for Macmillan and MND - we challenge Opera North, Royal Opera House, English National Opera, Scottish Opera and WNO Orchestra!! You have 48 hours!

A Guide to Carmen

Watch our guide to Carmen, one of the best loved of all operas. Contributors include WNO Nicholas John Dramaturg Sophie Rashbrook, Staff Director, Sarah Crisp and WNO Chief Executive & Artistic Director David Pountney. Don't miss a moment. Book now |

Welsh National Opera Residency in Torbay

Orchestra Manager, Phil Boughton captures our residency in Torbay using a Go Pro camera. More info:

Why the world needs compassion now

Join UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova and Karen Armstrong FRSL, internationally renowned scholar on comparative religions, in conversation to discuss religion and conflict in the world today. In a year marking the centenary of the First World War, when arguably the world increasingly seems to resemble the world of 1914, how do we contend with a global environment that is increasingly multipolar, unpredictable and ravaged by conflicts driven by ethnic and religious divides? Karen Armstrong will provide an exposition on her call for compassion in an attempt to change the conflict paradigm, and bring compassion to the forefront of the world's attention. In partnership with the Maimonides Interfaith Foundation.

Is there room in Britishness for cultural difference?

Shortly after writing Moses und Aron, Schoenberg fled to the USA to escape the Nazi led persecution of European Jews. In this debate leading social commentators consider whether multiple cultures and religions can exist side by side in modern day Britain. The panel will tackle questions such as is multiculturalism really to blame for the erosion of community? Chair: Abdul Rehman Malik, Journalist and Programme Director of the Radical Middle Way Panel: Julie Siddiqi, from the Islamic Society of Britain Dave Rich, Deputy Director of Communications at the Community Security Trust Daniel Trilling, Editor of the New Humanist magazine Recorded at the Royal Opera House on Monday 2 June 2014

Watch how do you communicate the divine? LIVE

WNO Artistic Director David Pountney leads a discussion exploring Moses und Aron's central theme -- the inadequacy of language when communicating the absolutely spiritual. David is joined by academic and broadcaster Mona Siddiqui. This conversation was broadcast live on Friday 23 May. In partnership with the Maimonides Interfaith Foundation.

How do you communicate the divine? LIVE

On the eve of the opening night of Schoenberg's masterpiece, Moses und Aron, WNO Artistic Director David Pountney leads a discussion of the opera's central theme -- the inadequacy of language when communicating the absolutely spiritual. David is joined by academic and broadcaster Mona Siddiqui. In partnership with the Maimonides Interfaith Foundation.

Moses und Aron trailer

Imagine you've been told the most important thing man has ever been told. What you have been told will change the world and save mankind. You must now share what you have heard, you are God's spokesperson on earth. Imagine, however, that you are overcome with despair that you find yourself unable to find the right words to communicate God's will. This is Moses' tragedy in Moses und Aron. It is impossible to listen to Schoenberg's 'fragmentary masterpiece' and not be stunned by his achievement. Moses und Aron reaches to the outer limits of what opera was capable of in the last century. It's a sound so unique, so urgent that you might be forgiven for thinking that it has come down from heaven itself. Welsh National Opera is proud to stage this rarely performed opera in Sergio Morabito and Jossi Wieler's highly charged production. Moses und Aron is a huge undertaking for both performers and audiences but the rewards will be extraordinary. Supported by the Colwinston Charitable Trust and The John S Cohen Foundation.

Welsh National Opera | Meet the Company

Everyone at WNO does what they do because we love what we do and want to share it with as many people as possible. A huge team effort and a rich mix of skills and expertise is required to make great performances happen. In the theatre, choristers, orchestra players, music staff, technicians and directors make the show happen. Behind the scenes costume and prop makers and set builders realise designs to create what you see on stage. All of this work is supported by a team of administrators who make sure we can do what we do on stage. We're all passionate about opera because we've all experienced its unique power. There's nothing else like opera. As one company member puts it 'Opera is the world...set to beautiful music' It's our job to explore that world with you.

Welsh National Opera | Get-in film

Wondered what it takes to get one of our sets on stage? Watch our Get-In film made during our stay at Theatre Royal Plymouth.

Inside Opera LIVE

Join seven UK opera companies for a unique live event on Saturday 10 May. From Glasgow to Truro, Armagh to Norwich, there is opera right on your doorstep. What's the best first-time opera to see? What does it take to stage it? Live from the Grand Theatre in Leeds, home to Opera North, join us to discover the passion, intensity and drama that makes opera such a powerful art form. Featuring interviews, performance and exclusive films throughout the afternoon -- prepare to be immersed in the wonderful world of opera. English National Opera­lopera Opera North Royal Opera House Scottish Opera NI Opera Welsh National Opera­pera English Touring Opera­opera

Silent State trailer

Music has been banned in the town of Wrexham and silence ensues. The town is now a very different place, regimented and controlled, whilst the black market thrives with secret traders dealing in bootleg musical experiences. Anyone seen cavorting, making melodic merry, or moving rhythmically are immediately detained. Being caught in possession of musical artefacts of any kind comes with a very high price. But there is hope....rumours are spreading behind closed doors of a resistance. A resistance against the silence. The time has come to make a stand. Are you ready? Silent State is a roaming theatre game and is a mixture of puzzles, music, intrigue and theatrical happenings. The event plays out on the streets of Wrexham town centre and requires participants to move between several locations on foot. Participants will be placed in groups of six - you can come as a ready-made group or we can match you up with other players. Advanced booking is essential and tickets are available from

La traviata stage time-lapse

A timelapse film of the La traviata get-in taken during WNO's visit to Theatre Royal Plymouth. Photography by TMAX Productions.

The Fall of the House of Usher | Welsh National Opera

Usher House Gordon Getty World première La Chute de la Maison Usher Debussy Completion by Robert Orledge British première of new version Dare you enter the House of Usher? It's a dark, mysterious place, seemingly with a mind of its own. In their one act operas Claude Debussy and Gordon Getty bring Edgar Allan Poe's macabre tale to the operatic stage. Both operas cast a magnificently oppressive spell of menace and unease. Opera is rarely associated with the chills of the horror genre but this double bill achieves the nerve shredding effect of the best horror films. Step inside the House of Usher but look out behind you. Book now |

Anon | Welsh National Opera

Anon Errollyn Wallen The songs of silent women. Anon is the secret journey of millions of women, a journey continuing every day, in the shadows. You will be immersed in this new opera as you travel through hidden worlds and find yourself at the centre of heartbreaking stories. Welsh National Opera mix voices, live soundscapes and contemporary theatre in a groundbreaking new opera. Written by Paralympic Games opening ceremony composer Errollyn Wallen and directed by Wils Wilson, (The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart and Praxis Males Perfect). In partnership with Sampad. Supported by PRS for Music Foundation and WNO Partners. Tuesday 18 March 7pm Gloucester Guildhall Booking 029 2030 4400 | Tickets £5 Tuesday 25 March 4pm & 7pm Newhampton Arts Centre Booking 01902 572090 | Tickets £5 plus 10% (online) or £1 (credit/ debit card) transaction fee* *excludes cash or cheque payments Wednesday 26 March 4pm & 7pm mac birmingham Booking 0121 446 3232 | Tickets £5

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