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Vital Xposure

Launched in January 2011, Vital Xposure set out to expose hidden voices with extraordinary stories to tell. Vital Xposure's style is highly visual, blending strong moving images with provocative literary narrative. The impetus behind the company's work is to involve people who have limited engagement with the arts.

Vital Xposure’s mission is to create exciting and innovative theatrical experiences for audiences, artists and communities alike. All their work presents an inclusive experience where access issues do not intrude upon the aesthetic of the productions.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £100,000
  • 2013-2014: £102,300
  • 2014-2015: £104,960

Video feed

Let Me Stay Trailer 2014

An edited trailer of 'Let Me Stay' at the Albany, London 2014. Julie McNamara has worked alongside her mother Shirley to create a wonderfully tender piece of theatre presenting a fresh take on Alzheimer's. Here at last is a portrait of somebody living well with dementia. Forget the idea of any apologetic withdrawal from the world. Rather think of it as a shedding of all cares, with two fingers up at the world and a constant sense of glee.

Director: Paulette Randall
Written & Performed: Julie McNamara
Designer: Libby Watson
Lighting Design: Crin Claxton
Visuals: Caglar Kimyoncu
Cameras: Alex Valls & Lesley Willis
Editor: Lesley Willis

Alan Clifton learning his lines!

The Knitting Circle is about to present at deciBel Performing Arts Showcase, at Zion arts Theatre at 17:45 on 15th September in Manchester, then at Cochrane Theatre, London on 21st and 22nd September at 20:00 .

Rehearsals at People Show have gone fabulously well under the dynamic leadership of Director Paulette Randall. And behind the scenes, some of the actors are learning their lines in new and unusual styles!

Watch and wonder at the glorious Alan Clifton.

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The Knitting Circle - Work in Progress

About the work so far...

The Knitting Circle is a chilling glimpse into the hidden world of the asylums closed in the 1980s. Directed by Paulette Randall and based on authentic testimonies; extraordinary stories of survival, this is an exploration of the betrayal of thousands and of the irrepressible human spirit. Each actor was matched with survivors who gifted their testimonies, having lived or worked inside the system.

Paulette Randall - Director
Julie McNamara - Writer
Jo Hemmant - Producer
Crin Claxton - Technical Production/Lighting Design
Theo Holloway - Sound Design
Caglar Kimyoncu - Visuals Design
Zeyno Dagli - Visuals Operator
Tiiu Mortley - Stage Manager
Hetty May Bailey - Creative Consultant, BSL Interpretation

Hazel Maycock, Deni Francis, Karen Spicer, Mandi Symonds, Vincent Jerome, Alan Clifton - Actors

supported by Arts Council England.

What do you think...?

I am so thrilled that Alan Clifton took creative control of this film, interviewing the cast and Director Paulette Randall to get their insights on the process so far. Alan has been with the company for some five years now as a trainee Lighting Assistant and Stage Manager. He has joined us on three national tours and four different productions. It's about time other Companies took on disabled artists with learning difficulties and broadened our horizons. The only thing standing in the way of artists like Alan moving forward in their career and developing their own work is your attitude and mine. Time for change?

Paulette Randall, Deni Francis, Karen Spicer, Vincent Jerome, Hazel Maycock, Penelope Freeman, Julie McNamara and Alan Clifton are in The Knitting Circle rehearsals at People Show.

South Bank Award 2010

Julie Mc wins the Art's Council Diversity Award

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291 Mare Street
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