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Theatre Sans Frontieres

TSF celebrates the diversity of world cultures by presenting theatre in other languages, devised in collaboration with performers and practitioners from around the globe.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £211,421
  • 2013-2014: £216,495
  • 2014-2015: £222,124

Video feed

Heaven Eyes Promo Video

Edited highlights of TSF's production of Heaven Eyes, from the novel by celebrated children's author David Almond. The production toured northern venues in autumn 2014.

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Theatre Sans Frontieres presents Heaven Eyes by David Almond - Boarding The Raft

TSF's latest production Heaven Eyes, adapted from his own novel by David Almond. Opened at Alnwick Playhouse 16 October. Three youngsters run away from their care home and sail down the River Tyne. They end up on the mudflats where they meet the strange and lovely girl Heaven Eyes and her 'Grampa'. He knows her secret, but he's not telling. Mysterious, fantastic and poignant.

Theatre Sans Frontieres - El Sombrero de Tres Picos

Clips from TSF's popular Spanish language show El Sombrero de Tres Picos

Theatre Sans Frontieres - Le Tour de France trailer

Trailer for TSF's multi-media French language resource programme. Follow the adventures of the Sans Frontières detectives as they cycle round France in hot pursuit of le Fantôme Cycliste. Full programme available from April 2014. Further details on our website at

Le Mystère de St Denis rehearsals

TSF's latest French language schools' production is a spine-chilling adventure for 12-15 year olds, set on the fictional French-speaking Caribbean island of St Denis. This video was taken when the show was presented to a local school after just one week of development so the production is very much work in progress. Rehearsals will continue at the beginning of January with the show touring schools in the north east of England 27 January through to 14 February 2014.

Theatre Sans Frontieres - rock and roll!

TSF at Hexham Streetfest - Monsieur Le Vent rocks! Clip from Le Moulin Magique

Theatre Sans Frontieres - Streetfest

Very brief clip of Vent Frais, as performed by John Cobb and the cast from Le Moulin Magique at Hexham Abbey Festival's recent Streetfest

Theatre Sans Frontieres - Le Moulin Maqique rehearsals - Boots for dinner

Crazed with hunger, Claudine serves up boots for dinner! Yummy! To find out more information about the upcoming play visit Make sure to join us on Facebook.

Theatre Sans Frontieres - Le Moulin Magique rehearsals - Meet Le Génie

In this scene Le Génie (The Demon) is revealed to Jean-Pierre and Claudine; a frightful chase takes place. Cast in scene: John Cobb (Jean-Pierre), Isabelle Schoelcher (Claudine) and Aron De Casmaker (Le Génie) Le Genie played by Aaron De Casmaker Jean-Pierre played by John Cobb Claudine played by Isabelle Schoelcher To find out more information about the upcoming play visit Make sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Theatre Sans Frontieres - Le Moulin Magique

Rehearsal of Le Moulin Magique - this scene is of the Chickens' song featuring John Cobb, Isabelle Schoelcher and Aron De Casmaker

Canary Gold Trailer

Théâtre Sans Frontières and Teatro Tamaska present Canary Gold - Pirates, wine and intrigue! The show first toured the UK early 2013 before going on to the Canary Islands in April. It's now appearing in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013 at CVenues 34, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. 14-26 August, 12.10pm. Performed by an international cast in English, Spanish and French with surtitles

Theatre Sans Frontieres - Les Aventures de Lapin

Naughty Lapin has smeared glue on the dummy's lips so that when Tigre kisses the dummy, he gets stuck!

Theatre Sans Frontieres - French Révolution

Pupils in Years 7 & 8 create their own play in French, performing scenes from the French Revolution.

Theatre Sans Frontieres - Caribbean Tales School Project

More than 80 children worked with TSF over a five week period exploring different aspects of the French language stories from the Caribbean through drama, music, art and French. This work led to the development of TSF's school show - Les Aventures de Lapin.

Theatre Sans Frontières - Canary Gold Audience

Listen to comments from the audience on TSF's latest show Canary Gold. Toured UK January - February 2013.

Theatre Sans Frontieres - Canary Gold

Clips from rehearsal of TSF's latest production - Canary Gold.

TSF - Wine Trade: True or False?

A subtract from the interview with David Whetstone about the falsification of wine. TSF - Canary Gold Interview with The Journal -

TSF - Canary Gold Rehearsal

Opening scenes of Canary Gold, the new production is a collaboration between Hexham based Theatre Sans Frontieres and Tenerife based Teatro Tamaska. Lots of sea shanties and superb singing. Clip ends with the director and cast's photoshoot.

TSF - Canary Gold Interview with The Journal

David Whetstone, Newcastle Journal, interviewing Carlos Belda, director of Canary Gold. This new production is a collaboration between Hexham based Theatre Sans Frontieres and Tenerife based Teatro Tamaska.

Theatre Sans Frontieres - Sea Shanty

An impromptu rendition of an old sea shanty by the cast of TSF's production Canary Gold.

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