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Theatre Hullabaloo

Theatre Hullabaloo is a pioneering theatre company creating quality work for young audiences. We believe that children deserve work of the highest quality and greatest artistic challenge. It is this challenge that drives us to form collaborations with those working at the forefront of their art form, developing ideas with young people, to create excellent and inventive theatre.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £208,000
  • 2013-2014: £212,160
  • 2014-2015: £216,403

Video feed

Angel by Theatre Hullabaloo (2014)

Angel is the story of Bill who returns an old woman’s shopping bag on an afternoon when she had nothing better to do and finds her life is never the same again. Touring across the UK from 10 Oct - 8 Nov 2014. Find tour dates at

Theatre Hullabaloo Theatre Firsts

Theatre Hullabaloo believe that going to the theatre for the first time is an important thing to do and should be part of everyone's childhood. To support this belief, we launched our Theatre Firsts Campaign in 2013 to help celebrate both children's first theatre experiences and adults first memories of going to the theatre.

Angel by Theatre Hullabaloo (2012)

Darlington School Children and older people from Age UK Darlington responses to Angel 2012.

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Luna by Theatre Hullabaloo (2013)

Luna is an enchanting new theatre experience about friendship, the moon and being brave in the dark for 2 to 5 year olds and their families to enjoy. Presented by Theatre Hullabaloo and Theatr Iolo, the show has been devised and directed by Sarah Argent from an original idea by Miranda Thain. It is the story of a little boy called Billy who is afraid of the dark and the shadows which move like monsters on his bedroom walls. Luna lives up in the sky and although she is surrounded by stars, she often gets bored as there is no one else like her to play with. One night, a she's racing amongst the stars, she spots Billy with his faithful friend Pig, hiding from the scary shadows in his room. Luna decides to make friends with the boy and together they go on an adventure of Light and Dark which helps Billy overcome his fears of the night-time. Links: Theatre Hullabaloo: Theatr Iolo: Ian Paine's Vimeo Channel:

Making a Pirate Hat with Theatre Hullabaloo

A video showing you how to make a pirate hat in support of Theatre Hullabaloo's production of 'The Night Pirates'.

My Mother Told Me Not to Stare by Theatre Hullabaloo (2010)

Have you ever done things your parents told you not to do? Have you swallowed the pips of an apple and waited for a tree to grow in your belly? Have you made a face when the wind changed? Or turned your back on the sea? In Bobby Rogers town everyone lives very normal lives. But Bobby has noticed that a child who was there one minute is gone the next. Disappeared. So he digs a hole through the earth, All the way to kangaroos and upsidedowness, And he may have stayed forever there, But vanishing kids does not seem fair, And there is nothing so fun as a grudge to bear, So one day Bobby Rogers returns to Upper Crumble to settle the score... Told in an operatic, gothic style My Mother Told Me Not To Stare is about the disappeared, those kids who did something naughty and got sent to The Fixing Kitchen, a place from which they never returned.

Beneath The Banyan Tree Promotional DVD

At theatre Hullabaloo we have a programme called Young Marketeers, in which students are able to combine working on a project for Theatre Hullabaloo with their course at college. This is a promotional DVD for our first production as Theatre Hullabaloo which was designed and prodeced by Young Marketeer Samantha Hall. Well done Samantha

Banyan Tree Monkey Rehearsal

Lata Pada going through the monkey rehearsal with the Banyan Tree actors

Beneath The Banyan Tree

Promotional DVD for Theatre Direct's production of Beneath The Banyan Tree in Toronto, Canada. We are in partnership with Theatre Direct to create our Autumn 2009 touring version of the show.

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