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Spacex is a leading contemporary art gallery located in the centre of Exeter. Its diverse programme encourages the public to engage with the latest developments in contemporary art through a changing exhibitions programme, which includes new commissions, projects and activities. A significant part of its programme, including artist-led projects, events and research, takes place outside of the gallery. Spacex has an international reputation for presenting ideas from some of the most daring and exciting artists working today. 

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £178,027
  • 2013-2014: £182,122
  • 2014-2015: £186,857

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Phil Root 'Phantom Limb' Interview

In his installation at Spacex, Phil Root references history and memory, producing artworks through a process of intuitive layering and erasure of both physical and historical attributes.

Make And Take Afternoon Session

A brilliant mix of different characters and scenarios - the result of 5 hours work in total - great stuff!

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Edward Chell 'Soft Estate' Interview

8 March to 3 May 2014

The exhibition ‘Soft Estate’, the title of which derives from the Highways Agency term used to describe the natural habitats that have evolved along motorways and trunk roads, looks at how green borders offer a refuge for wildlife and a modern form of wilderness in the midst of intense urbanisation and agrochemical farming.

Artist and academic Edward Chell, and Invited artists interrogate themes of ‘edgelands’, those familiar yet ignored spaces that are neither city nor countryside. Their works present juxtapositions commonly experienced in these minor landscapes, such as beauty and pollution, wilderness and human agency.

This exhibition has been organised in collaboration with The Bluecoat, Liverpool.

Simon Pope 'A Song, A Dance, and a New Stannary Parliament' Part Two

Is it possible to have a conversation with a metal? This is the intriguing question artist Simon Pope has asked himself, and others, as part of a project on Dartmoor commissioned by Spacex titled ‘A Song, A Dance, And A New Stannary Parliament’.

The process for the project has been one of conversation between Pope and a range of people with knowledge of tin mining’s history, current land-management practices and those with concerns for the Dartmoor landscape’s environmental, economic and cultural future. These include archaeologists, historians, planners, miners, local dialect speakers, artists, and musicians. Inspired by the Stannary Parliaments which arbitrated on all matters relating to tin in the area, Pope held a series of meetings in four of the medieval Dartmoor Stannary towns where tin was historically assayed and sold. Pope’s ambition is for the track to become part of the folk song repertoire and heard by thousands.

The project is topical as, for the first time after the tin mines were closed on Dartmoor in the 1930s, work commenced to reopen one to extract tin and tungsten on 14th March at Hemerdon by the Australian company Wolf Minerals. The artist describes his project as an attempt to define a new type of environmental and cultural understanding of landscape in an age of ‘post-abstraction’ where: ‘Exploitation gives way to some other quality of relationship… one which seeks to understand the environment, and human engagements with it, as a mutual relationship of co-dependents.’ Simon Pope

This project has been developed by Spacex in order to work with a cultural landscape that has always had a significant influence in the area, Dartmoor. In doing so, the aim has been to develop a project that draws on the experience and social conditions of the area and actively engages its communities, culminating in a temporary artwork that has a longer term presence.

Lisa Watts & Lucy May

Lisa Watts & Lucy May
28 September–23 November 2013

Live artist Lisa Watts invites visual artist Lucy May to join her in this presentation of Skittish. Watts will visit Spacex on a regular basis during the exhibition where she will perform and develop new work in the galleries inspired by Lucy May’s art. The result will evidence the relationship that exists between live and visual art.

August Atelier Photomation

Given a range of different photographic based 2D material the animators created their own little animated films which are shown here back to back, with only an evening to work in they produced quite a lot...

SpacexAugustAtelier Moving Marks

The young people who came to the Moving Marks workshop during the Drawing themed week of August Atelier only had 3 hours to experiment with all the different ways of making drawn animation you see here. Starting off with using themselves, then wool, pencils, pens and light.

Simon Pope 'A Song, A Dance, and a New Stannary Parliament' Part One

As the world’s economic patterns change mining for metals on the picturesque landscape of Dartmoor, Devon has once again become viable. 80 years after the last metal ore extraction ceased on Dartmoor the rising cost of tungsten has meant that there are proposals to reopen a former tin mine at Hemerdon near Plymouth to extract both tin and tungsten. This is the subject of a new commission by artist Simon Pope who is working with people living in the Dartmoor area on a new commission: 'A Song, A Dance and a New Stannary Parliament'. Dartmoor’s formerly industrial landscape has come to be seen mostly as a wilderness for walkers, seemingly indistinguishable from the results of geological processes. Yet the gullies and stacks of rock debris are testament to this metal ore’s immense influence on the life of Dartmoor and its people.

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El Busta's Travelling Photography Studio at August Atelier

El Busta's Travelling Photography Studio visited the galleries at Spacex for the first day of August Atelier. This short video documents the fun participants had throughout the day composing, developing and displaying their portraits.

Animated Film made by children from Stoke Hill Nursery in response to exhibition by Katy Dove at Spacex

The children visited Spacex to see the exhibition of work by artist and filmmaker Katy Dove. They spent some time watching and listening to her films and made some watercolours and photographs while in the gallery. We then used these photographs and watercolours to make some animation at the nursery. After we had made the animation we collected some sounds, some of them a bit like the ones Katy Dove has in her films.

Collaborative Animation Inspired by Katy Dove

We animated different shapes on top of green screen which was streaming footage of the River Exe and we also made some watercolours and filmed them evolving.

The Travelling Text Kiosk

A short video documenting The Travelling Text Kiosk, Spacex's project for Exeter based exetreme imagination 2013, a festival of writing for and by young people. Interviews with producers and participants offer an insight into the development and delivery of the project, and what participants took from working on it.

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