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South Hill Park Arts Centre

A large multi-disciplinary arts centre that presents and commissions contemporary mixed arts and makes a particular contribution to culturally diverse theatre.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £100,000
  • 2013-2014: £0
  • 2014-2015: £0

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Lego Animation, 20.02.14

Stopframe animation using Lego superheroes. Half term workshop at South Hill Park, led by Gemma Burditt.

Make A Film In 3 Days: Acatalypse 3000

An alien race of cats that must be overcome to save the world ? Not all cats are on the Internet for the Lolz. Beware! Our full 3 day film project skipped a year, but we're got the team back together one more time for this amazing fun, film making, writing, acting course. Every Easter we've run a three day film making project, providing young people the opportunity to become a writer, actor, director, film-maker or costume designer.

NESTA Digital Maker Fund Application

NESTA Digital Maker Fund Application from Digital Media Centre, South Hill Park

NESTA Digital Makers Fund: The Outtakes

Compilation of our mistakes and retakes from the fund application. If we get the money, or not we certainly had the most fun with a funding application we've ever had.

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Young Game Designers Summer School 2012

Game Development Lab at South Hill Park, Berkshire, UK, led by Ben Pitt of Unity Technologies. In August 2012, the group worked with Ben learning the basics of the Unity 3D game engine, with the aim to create and publish their own games: Coatman Begins, Professor Ball, Tank War, Boson Barrage, Adventures of Frustrum Jones, Maze Of Fortune, Llama's Adventure, Car Sense. Supported by Unity, Hosted at Digital Media Centre, South Hill Park, UK.

Game World: Arena

Results of a one day workshop to design, build and texture game maps for multiplayer arena combat using the engine from the genre-defining FPS game, Quake. This movie shows multiplayer combat with bots in Dark Places on all seven levels that were made during the day.

Theremin Day 2012

Sci Fi electronic drone boxes, made by a group of noise fans under the guidance of Mr. Underwood. Starting with the basics of soldering and ending with assembly of a bespoke electronic theremin kit, featuring 6 oscillators for 3 way drone and light controlled optical sensors.

Lego Adventures

Bank Robber Minifigs on the rampage ! Half term stopmotion animation workshop for young people using Lego sets and characters.

Der Blau Reiter

Luckley Oakfield School animation projects inspired by the paintings of Der Blau Reiter artist group 1911-1914.

Dead End: Episodes #5 and #6

5. A Walk In The Park Let's get to know each other. It's never going to be quite what you expect, is it ? 6. Murder Most Foul Film projects past - The return of Blood Lake

Dead End: Episodes #3 and #4

3. Deep Water The disappearances continue, but who is the attacker ? 4. Something Must Be Done Let's get the team back together

Dead End: Episodes #1 and #2

1. In the beginning. A mysterious character arrives, yet we do not know how. 2. Then there were Two Screaming and horrific 'accidents' take place.

Easter Claymation 2012

Imaginative, weird stories from our Easter clay animation course, led by Gemma Burditt

3D Printing with Sketch Up & RepRap

The future of manufacturing with the self replicating RepRap 3D printer ! 3D artist, Riette Hayes-Davies joined RepRap specialists Hannah and Malcolm Napier for a workshop weekend at South Hill Park Arts Centre in March 2012 to take people through the process of modelling objects in Google Sketch Up and outputting printed objects on the RepRap.

Cut Out Animation 16.02.12

2D tales of shipwreck, sharks and mysterious islands. Animator, Gemma Burditt led a one day workshop for young people at South Hill Park Arts Centre, exploring animation using cut out drawings and images.

Schools Film Festival 2011: Far From Home

St. Margaret Clitheroe School. Produced as part of the Schools Film Festival 2011 by South Hill Park Arts Centre.

Schools Film Festival 2011: Day Dream

Cranbourne Primary School. Produced as part of the Schools Film Festival 2011 by South Hill Park Arts Centre

Schools Film Festival 2011:The Portal

Great Hollands School, Bracknell. Produced as part of the Schools Film Festival 2011 by south Hill Park Arts Centre

Schools Film Festival 2011: Meerkat's World Tour

Whitegrove School. Produced as part of the Schools Film Festival 2011 by South Hill Park Arts Centre

Touch Control Electronics 12-13.11.11

Approaching electronics as an artist, Stu "ASMO" Smith visited us in November to lead a workshop to construction a Touch Control Electronic instrument. The final instrument uses the electrical resistance of your body, tilt and touch controls to create wild gales of synthesised noise.

Cut Out Animation 24.09.11

Train journeys and X Fighter flights in this beautiful stop motion animation using cut out shapes. Workshop at South Hill Park, Bracknell UK led by Gemma Burditt

Hand Drawn Animation

Drawn animation from our holiday workshop for young people, led by Gemma Burditt. August 2011

MotionScape Dance-Technology Project 21-26 May 2011

A five day laboratory for dance artists, to find out how to work with sensors for performance and installation. Our first Dance-Technology mentoring programme began with a weekend "Using Sensors for Performance & Installation" workshop, investigating use of the Arduino micro-controller to connect a variety of ultra-sound, infra red and pressure sensors to generate movement triggered responses from computer. Project supported by South East Dance

Animation: Robot Wars 01-02.06.11

A dismantled PC and half the contents of our store cupboard get used in the Half Term holiday childrens animation course. The result: Robot Wars, of course!

24 Minutes

The Council of Evil plot to destroy our beloved local arts and culture centre. Not a whole 24 hours - the young people on the South Hill Park 24 team have only 24 minutes to find and diffuse the bomb - will James Gigabyte, Rachel Rogers, Claire Internetical, Elizabeth Megan, Cat Royal and Dan Digit save the Arts from destruction? Drama from our Easter holiday "Make A Film in 3 Days" course 2011, led by Bart Lee, Stephen Harrison and Beth Brennan.

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