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South Asian Arts-uk

SAA-uk is a significant South Asian music and dance organisation delivering a diverse range of programming and activities in an environment that enables both the contemporary and the traditional to flourish through collaboration and performance. Our investment supports its core activities.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £113,000
  • 2013-2014: £115,712
  • 2014-2015: £118,721

Video feed

Solstice Festival ft. Ustad Harjinderpal Singh (Alaap Raag Jog)

The summer solstice, hosted in Leeds, brings us the sounds of the Indian classical music from dusk till dawn. During this night, internationally acclaimed artists gather to share the music of the mind, body and soul, deeply imbedded in the Raags of sunset, night, dawn and sunrise. This is the first of several clips that will be released of the Summer Solstice Festival 2014. Santoor - Ustad Harjunderpal Singh Tabla - Sri Kousic Sen (not performing) About: SAA-uk's mission is to enrich people's lives through engagement and participation in traditional and contemporary south Asian music and dance. More info at Folow us on Twitter and Facebook:

Leeds Indian Classical Music Summer School

Open to all musicians from young to old and beginner to experienced with an interest in Indian music. SAA-uk's summer school in Leeds offers the guidance for children and adults to learn this musical genre through the lessons of world renowned artists in the genre. Children will learn the principles of Indian classical music while having fun and making new friends. Adults can also enjoy the expertise of our teachers and relax for a week through the sound of music. More information at: Sitar with Ustad Dharambir Singh, Roopa Panesar and team. Tabla with Bhupinder Singh Chaggar and team. Santoor with Ustad Harjinderpal Singh and team Bowed Instruments Ustad Surjeet Singh and Kirpal Singh Panesar. Sarod with Arnab Chakrabarty Vocals with Poulomi Chakrabarty and Kaviraj Singh About: SAA-uk's mission is to enrich people's lives through engagement and participation in traditional and contemporary south Asian music and dance. More info at Folow us on Twitter and Facebook:

Roopa Panesar: Bhairavi Dhun

A beautiful dhun by the beautiful Roopa Panesar accompanied by Bhupinder Chaggar on Tabla, performed in Budapest as a part of Trafo music concerts. Be sure to watch till the end as the audience response is crazy! Enjoy this beautiful dhun... in Raag Bhairavi. twitter @southasianartuk

SAA-uk: Deepa Nair Rasiya: Raag Puriya Danashri twitter @southasianartuk

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The Lords of the Dance - Saa-UK twitter @southasianartuk

South Asian Arts UK - An Evening of Sacred Music: Ramya Tangirala

Within this video we have interviewed Ramya Tangirala and Prathap Ramachandra (Mridangam accompanist) and asked them to share a bit about their background in Carnatic Music and Percussion. Prathap ji also briefly touches upon the history of the Mridangam - or a version of. This footage ends with a five min clip of the concert to give you a mini taster of what you missed this fine evening. Enjoy, An Evening of Sacred Music featuring Ramya Tangirala and accompanied by Prathap Ramachandra on Mridangam and Achuthan Sripathmanathan on Violin. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: @southasianartsuk Website:

South Asian Arts UK - Solstice 2013 twitter @southasianartuk

Kamalbir Singh - Raag Bihag (Special Interview)

Saauk Presents Kamalbir Singh accompanied by Shahbaz Hussain on Tabla. This video consists of a short interview with both the artists to give you a small look into our musicians musical journeys with a short 5 min clip of pure, beautiful performance footage from the concert to end with! Enjoy. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE:

Raag Puriya Dhanashri - Vanessa Rani (2012)

Going back to 2012 where we had a very beautiful and talented singer perform for us. Her unique Vanessa Rani has a versatile but unique tone and style. Her influences include Jazz, a variety of world music styles, reggae and popular culture style music. This particular piece was composed by the renowned Guitarist Giuliano Modarelli based in a Indian Melodic Scale/Musical mode - Raga Puriya Dhanashri twitter @southasianartuk

SAA-UK - New Moon Quartet (2011)

Website: Twitter: Facebook:

Ustad Surjeet Sing and Craig Monk - Raag Madhuvanti

This concert featured Maestro Ustad Surjeet Singh on Sarangi and his student Craig Monk on Violin. Together they shared a musical conversation with two ancient stringed instruments through the romantic and colourful Raga Madhuvanti. Tabla accompaniment by Bhupinder Singh Chaggar. 'A rare treat to hear Violin and Sarangi being played together' - Keran SAA-uk C.E.O Twitter: Facebook: Website for more information and contact details: Edited By Dilrani Kaur

Bangalore Dreams - Sprint (Ft. Jyotsna Srikanth & Company)

Bangalore Dreams features one of Europe's leading violinist frin the Carnatic Classical tradition, Jyotsn Srikanth. This evening was an event not to be missed by lovers of classical, comtemporary and Jazz music. Twitter: @southasianartuk Facebook: Our website for more info and upcoming events NOT TO BE MISSED :

Carnatic singing - the opening of Vidya 2013

Carnatic vocalist Ramya Tangirala is accompanied by Akshaya, Sanjita and Samyukta - three of her singing students - at SAA-uk's dance showcase in June 2013. SAA-uk is supported by Arts Council England, Leeds City Council and this concert took place at Northern Ballet, Leeds. Twitter: @southasianartuk Facebook: Our website for more info and upcoming events NOT TO BE MISSED :

Arun Ghosh - Sufi Stomp (Soul of Sindh)

South Asian Suite - Arun Ghosh LIVE Performance at Seven Arts in Chapel Allerton, Leeds (UK) 25th October 2013 Born in Calcutta, bred in Bolton, matured in Manchester and living in London, Arun Ghosh's musical style represents his rich cultural heritage. The British-Asian clarinettist and composer is a leading light on the UK Jazz scene, captivating audiences and critics with his passionate and dynamic performance style, eloquent musical expression and a healthy dose of rock 'n' roll spirit. Twitter: @southasianartuk Facebook: Our website for more info and upcoming events NOT TO BE MISSED:

'Anand' Celebrating 100 Years of Indian Cinema

Thursday 26th September 2013 At Seven Arts Centre, Leeds Tofail and Gurpreet Singh are UK based musicians trained in North Indian Classical Music. They're a duet that has performed regularly across the UK presenting a selection of Ghazals, Geets, Bhajans and Tarana with an equal ease to audiences of all backgrounds. The pair shared their love and passion for music of the heart and soul with the people of Leeds. Through presenting repertoire that spans the 10 decades of Indian Cinema, the evening brought glorious memories for grandparents all the way through to grandchildren. Twitter: @southasianartuk Facebook: Our website for more info and upcoming events NOT TO BE MISSED:

'Vidya' Dance - SAA-uk Dance Academy

Special Thanks to Chitraleka Dance Academy for Bharatanatyam Music And Music Credits to Pandit Ajoy Pohankar for Kathak Discover a world of grace, poise and beauty as the SAA-uk Dance Academy present Vidyā, an evening of classical Indian dance, by students of Smt. Devika Rao and Smt. Aditi Sen. Bharatanatyam combines expression and rhythm with sculptural-esque movement and will be performed by dancers as young as three, whilst Kathak is full of graceful movement interspersed with spins and lightning fast footwork. Both dance forms brought stories to life and this evening will explore the journey that our students have been on for the past year. They celebrate a year of hard work with new and unique performances! Twitter: @southasianartuk Facebook: Our website for more info and upcoming events NOT TO BE MISSED:

SAA-UK - Light Night 2013

SAA-uk senior Bharatanatyam dancers perform "Alive/Alight" at Leeds Town Hall as part of Light Night 2013. The piece was choreographed by the girls with their teacher, Rashmi Sudhir, and presents classical bharatanatyam with an urban twist. SAA-uk youth dancers Simran, Jyoti, Tia and Tonicka performed to over 460 people as part of the event. Their five performances of Urban-Natyam, which presented classical Indian Bharatanatyam dance in dramatic UV lighting and costumes, really wowed the crowds! They also delivered five short workshops for audiences to learn basic steps, with around 70 people taking part. We thank our lovely teacher, Rashmi Sudhir, for supporting the dancers with this work. Well done girls, you made us very proud Twitter: @southasianartuk Facebook: Our website for more info and upcoming events NOT TO BE MISSED:

Momentous with SAA uk dancers

dancers Momentous, created by Illuminos, it featured over 1200 people from Leeds. We were lucky enough to catch it when our Bharatanatyam and Kathak dancers appeared - check out all four corners of the building!In October 2013, a giant projection transformed Leeds Civic Hall into an enormous, spinning, ticking, and whirring clock face. Magical cogs, levers, chimes and video footage of Leeds people, art and culture transformed into clockwork figures marked the passing of time over three momentous nights. SAA-uk were privileged to take part in this project, with Bharatanatyam and Kathak dancers and Dhol students, as well as Keran herself, being filmed for the projection. SAA-uk Dholis dropped into the doors as skateboarders whizzed past; and our dancers graced all four corners of the building as line dancing ladies trotted by. It was quite a sight to behold! Congratulations to lluminos and Leeds Inspired for a truly magical project. twitter @southasianartuk

'Masters Agam' - Agam (Without Sorrow)

Stuart Masters combines Western and Indian Classical, Folk, and Celtic influences to create a unique, hybrid style of guitar playing. He was invited to play at the Shanghai International Finger-Style Guitar Festival in 2011, returning to play in China the following year. Having begun his musical life playing the violin, he soon discovered the allure of the steel string guitar and its potential to communicate the folk sounds of the British Isles, as well innumerable other musical styles. 2013 sees the release of a new solo album, 'Odonata', and a cross-cultural collaboration with renowned Sarode and Rebab player, Rishi Ranjan. Stuart Masters (Oud) @mastersstuart Giuliano Modarella (Guitar) @GiulsModarelli Harkiret Singh Bahra (Tabla) Vanessa Rani (Vocals) Twitter: @southasianartuk Facebook: Our website for more info and upcoming events NOT TO BE MISSED: Edited by: Dilrani Kaur @dilusionall

'Masters Agam' - Stuart Masters: Hungry River Cobbler

Thursday 23rd May 2013 Stuart Masters combines Western and Indian Classical, Folk, and Celtic influences to create a unique, hybrid style, with pure, haunting vocals. His self-produced debut album came out in 2010, and 2013 sees the release of his solo album, 'Odonata'. Twitter: @southasianartuk Facebook: Our website for more info and upcoming events NOT TO BE MISSED: @southasianartuk @mastersstuart @dilusionall

Sunset Song - Ustad Dharambir Singh, Dr Vijay Rajput and Bhupinder Chaggar

Features: Dr. Vijay Rajput -- Vocals, Dharambir Singh -- Surbahar, Bhupinder Singh on Tabla, Dilrani Kaur on Surmandal, Seetal Gahir on Tanpura Rāg Maarva- a raga of sombre mood. Normally sung at sunset, the time when human beings have time after a long day to remember, long, unite and celebrate.Opera North in conjunction with SAA-uk, are delighted to bring you an evening of classical Indian music; specially chosen for the time and season. Central to Hindustani tradition is the concept of performing ragas at specific times of the day and year, allowing the composition to reveal the true essence and beauty of the music. What unfolds is a truly magical experience. In 'Sunset Song' a raga for sunset is paired with another played during the monsoon (in India later in the year, but in UK rather suitable for April showers). Experience the divine music of sunset, as twilight falls around you in an intimate and welcoming concert. Performed in a relaxed setting amongst the audience, by musicians including the highly esteemed Ustad Dharamabir Singh MBE on Sitar, Dr. Vijay Rajput on Vocals, Sri Bhupinder Singh on Percussion, Kaviraj Singh on Santoor, Dilrani Kaur on Surmandal and Seetal Kaur Gahir on Tanpura. twitter @southasianartuk Dharambir @sitarsingh Bhupinder @bhupinderchagga Dilrani @dilusionall Seetal @seetal_

Sunset Song - Ustad Dharambir Singh, Kaviraj Singh and Bhupinder Chaggar

Features: Dharambir Singh -- Surbahar and Sitar, Bhupinder Singh on Tabla, Kaviraj Singh on Santoor and Vocals and Seetal Kaur Gahir on Tanpura. A seamless combination of Rāg Shree and Rāg Malhar depicting the monsoon season experienced in India. The land is dry and nature is yearning for the first drop of rain. The feeling of anticipation is heightened by the sound of thunder, which bring about change in an instant as the very first drops of rain falls and yearning becomes joy, relief and tranquillity. Dharambir Singh @Sitarsingh Bhupinder Chaggar @Bhupinderchagga Kaviraj Singh @ksdhadyalla Dilrani Kaur @dilusionall Seetal Gahir @seetal_

Teymour Housego accompanied by Upneet Singh - Midday Celestial Song - Dhun

Wednesday 13th December 2012 @southasianartsuk Teymour Housego grew up in New Delhi learning the bansuri. His guru Shri Prakash Saxena was the head of instrumental music at the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. After a brief stint studying jazz in Paris, he moved to London in his early twenties. Besides his Hindustani classical performances, Teymour has collaborated with Nitin Sawhney, Talvin Singh, Jethro Tull, Jay Sean, ShivaNova and the Bombay Dub Orchestra amongst others. He also co-founded the flamenco fusion group Alcazaba whose debut album was released by Universal in July 2009 to much critical acclaim. His latest album 'Haunting Bazaar', a sublime collection of transcultural songs and vocally-infused instrumental pieces, was described by the Financial Times as 'fusion at its most successful'. He has also been featured prominently on several other acclaimed albums and film scores including Niraj Chag's 'Along the Dusty Road', Shivanova's 'Secret Chants' and the IMAX film Sea Monsters. Tabla: Upneet Singh

Solstice Festival 2012

22nd June 2012 marked our inaugural Solstice All-Night Festival. Over 150 audience members were in rapture listening to romantic rāgs, late night haunting melodies and rhythms, by internationally renowned musicians Shaheen Khan & Co, Roopa Panesar, Ustad Dharambir Singh MBE, Bhupinder Singh Chaggar, Ustad Harjinderpal Singh, Dr Vijay Rajput, Shahbaz Hussain and Kaviraj Singh. Rags are melodic frameworks, which are associated to seasons, emotions (rasa) and times of the day. A great number of people have had the opportunity to listen to rāgs that are played in the afternoon or evening between 6.00pm and 10.00pm. This Solstice Festival will give artists and audiences alike an opportunity to enjoy rāgs rarely played or heard in the UK, through this event unique brought to you by SAA-uk. For details on how to attend the 2013 Solstice Festival visit Evening Programme 8.00pm doors open 9.00pm SUHANI- Ghazals and Geets by Shaheen Khan & Co 10.30pm Parampara - Sitar Duet featuring Ustad Dharambir Singh MBE and disciple Roopa Panesar accompanied by Sri Shahbaz Hussain on Tabla 12.00pm Benares Bhaj - a Tabla Solo by Sri Bhupinder Singh Chaggar accompanied by Kaviraj Singh on harmonium 1.15am Strings of Kashmir - featuring Ustad Harjinderpal Singh on Santoor, accompanied by Sri Bhupinder Singh Chaggar on Tabla 2.45am USHA - Vocal recital of early morning rāgs - Dr. Vijay Rajput accompanied by Sri Shahbaz Hussain on Tabla and Kaviraj Singh on Harmonium

Arnab Chakrabarty - Raag Bihag

Catch him live on 21st June 2013 for SOLSTICE - UK's number 1 all night Indian Classical Concert. Frequent collaborators Arnab Chakrabarty (Sarod) and Bhupinder Chaggar (Tabla) play one of the most popular compositions in Raga Bihag. Both artists are among the most accomplished players of their respective instruments. Arnab and Bhupinder shall be on tour together through 2013-14, so please make it a point to join them when they happen to pass through your area! Definitely one that is not to be missed! Beautifully Filmed and Edited by Dilrani Kaur Sound: Bhupinder Chaggar

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