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NMC Recordings Ltd

NMC believes that new music is a dynamic and engaging art.  It seeks to discover and share exceptional work that inspires and challenges by:

  • producing high quality recordings of outstanding work by British composers
  • working with leading artists and ensembles
  • promoting these recordings to expand worldwide audiences for contemporary music
  • preserving this creativity for generations to come

Read NMC's 2012/13 Annual Review.



Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £40,000
  • 2013-2014: £40,000
  • 2014-2015: £40,000

Video feed

John Tavener: Akhmatova Requiem

John Tavener: Akhmatova Requiem Extract from track 16: Akhmatova Requiem: XV Release date: 29 September 2014

Gerald Barry: The Importance of Being Earnest

Gerald Barry: The Importance of Being Earnest Extract from Act II: Jack: ‘And this is what you call Bunburying!?’ Release date: 22 September 2014

Helen Grime: Night Songs

Helen Grime: Night Songs Extract from track 1: Virga NMC D199 - Debut Discs series Available 22 September 2014

Judith Weir: The Vanishing Bridegroom

Judith Weir The Vanishing Bridegroom Extract from Track 1 - The Inheritance: The Deathbed NMC D196 Out 21 July 2014

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Ben Foskett - Dinosaur

Ben Foskett - Dinosaur Cinq Chansons à Hurle-Vent - Track 1: Emily NMC D195 Release Date 23 June 2014

Larry Goves - Just stuff people do

Larry Goves Things that are blue, things that are white and things that are black. - Extract from tack 1: Things that are blue...

Harrison Birtwistle: Gawain

Harrison Birtwistle Gawain - Extract from track 16: Act 1, Gawain Decapitates Green Knight NMCD200 Artists: Marie Angel, soprano, Morgan le Fay Anne Howells mezzo, soprano, Lady de Hautdesert Francois Le Roux, baritone, Gawain John Tomlinson, bass baritone, The Green Knight / Bertilak de Hautdesert Penelope Walmsley-Clark, soprano, Guinevere Richard Greager, tenor, Arthur Omar Ebrahim, baritone, The Fool Alan Ewing, bass, Agravain John Marsden, tenor, Ywain Kevin Smith, countertenor, Bishop Baldwin The Royal Opera Chorus Orchestra of the Royal Opera House / Elgar Howarth Out 19 May, 2014 on NMC Recordings:

John Casken - Orion over Farne

John Casken Violin Concerto - Extract from track 1: Appassionato NMCD189 Artists:Sophia Jaffe Halle Orchestra / Markus Stenz Out 21 April, 2014 on NMC Recordings:

Richard Causton - Millennium Scenes

Richard Causton Millennium Scenes - Extract from track 3: Dance NMCD192 Artists: Halle / Nicholas Collon Birmingham Contemporary Music Group / Ryan Wigglesworth, Gerry Cornelius Out 3 March, 2014 on NMC Recordings:

Mark-Anthony Turnage - UNDANCE

Mark-Anthony Turnage UNDANCE - Track 3: To fall / to climb NMCD194 Artists: UNDANCE Band / Tim Murray Rambert Orchestra / Paul Hoskins Out 31 March, 2014 on NMC Recordings:

Harrison Birtwistle: Duet3 (Sinfonietta Shorts)

Composer Sir Harrison Birtwistle discusses his piece for bassoon and cor anglais written for the principal players of the London Sinfonietta Visit our project page for more information:

Jonathan Harvey: Little Duo (Sinfonietta Shorts)

London Sinfonietta's Chief Executive Andrew Burke talks about Jonathan Harvey's work for the Sinfonietta Shorts series. Visit our project page for more information: By kind permission of Faber Music. Performing materials available on special sale, please contact

Dai Fujikura: es (Sinfonietta Shorts)

Composer Dai Fujikura discusses his piece for double bass written for the principal players of the London Sinfonietta. Visit our project page for more information:

Sir Mark Elder discusses his new Hallé recording on NMC.

Gramophone's James Jolly interviews Sir Mark Elder about the premiere recordings on NMC of works from the 1930s and 40s for wartime radio broadcast, featuring actor Samuel West and the Halle orchestra. Britten to America is released on NMC 8 December 2013. Samuel West narrator Andrew Kennedy tenor Jean Rigby mezzo-soprano Mary Carewe mezzo-soprano Ex Cathedra / Jeffrey Skidmore conductor Mervyn Cooke, Lucy walker piano Matthew Dickinson percussion Huw Watkins piano Harry Ogg assistant conductor Hallé / Sir Mark Elder conductor What better way to mark the end of Britten's centenary than release some unrecorded works, the majority of which haven't been heard since they were performed in the 1940s. This is Britten with a difference - there are blues numbers, jazz, a 'Tibetan' chant, a Bach chorale and even a ukulele player. Britten made the hazardous journey from the United States back to England in the spring of 1942. Within a few weeks he had face a Tribunal exempting him from military service as a conscientious objector. In his statement to the Tribunal he had said "I believe sincerely that I can help my fellow human beings best, by continuing the work I am best qualified to do", and almost immediately he began giving concerts with Peter Pears in towns, rural villages and prisons. He also wrote major scores for radio propaganda programmes, including An American in England, six programmes about wartime conditions in England produced by the BBC for live transmission in the USA by CBS; and Britain to America, three programmes as part of a weekly transmission by NBC. Music from these two series is accompanied by incidental music to two plays by Auden and Isherwood: The Ascent of F6 and On the Frontier; and Roman Wall Blues, from a lost radio production with Auden, Hadrian's Wall.

Mark Bowden: Parable (Sinfonietta Shorts)

Composer Mark Bowden discusses his piece for saxophone written for the principal players of the London Sinfonietta. Visit our project page for more information: Created on Writing the Future, generously supported by Michael and Patricia McLaren-Turner and Anthony Mackintosh

Anna Meredith Axeman (Sinfonietta Shorts)

London Sinfonietta's bassoonist John Orford talks about performing Anna Meredith's piece for electric bassoon. Visit our project page for more information:

Digital Discoveries (music from the British Music Collection)

Music extracts used in video: 1. Philip Cashian Horn Trio (on Vol 4) 2. Gabriel Jackson Star-song (on Vol 7) 3. Evelyn Ficarra Isle (remix) (on Vol 6) 4. Richard Ayres No 34 (on Vol 6) 5. Luke Stoneham Magenta Cuts (on Vol 6) 6. Paul Whitty Love (on Vol 6) We are delighted to team up with Sound and Music to release this collection of works that were recorded between 2004-2006 as part of the Contemporary Voices scheme and are now held as part of the British Music Collection. The eight volumes display a huge range of musical styles from choral pieces by Gabriel Jackson and Richard Baker, solo piano works by Tansy Davies and Luke Stoneham, ensemble works by Philip Cashian, Joe Cutler, Graham Fitkin, electro-acoustic works by Paul Whitty and Sam Hayden and electronic sound art by Katharine Norman and Evelyn Ficarra. All the scores for these works are held in the British Music Collection, an archive that includes over 30,000 scores and recordings from British composers, dating from 1900 to the present day. Through Digital Discoveries, Sound and Music and NMC Recordings hope to make music that has never been released, or that is hard to find, available for composers, performers and listeners to explore and discover. Purchase all 8 volumes for just £35 Over eight hours of music by 28 composers including Richard Ayres, Joe Cutler, Sam Hayden, Graham Fitkin, Tansy Davies, Luke Stoneham, Laurence Crane, Joseph Phibbs, Paul Whitty, Michael Zev Gordon, Geoff Hannan, Richard Baker, Katharine Norman, Andrew Toovey and Gabriel Jackson.

Elliott Carter 103rd Birthday Concert, December 8, 2011, New York City (Trailer)

PROMO VIDEO: Live concert DVD of Elliott Carter's 103rd birthday concert, 8 December 2011 • Features 4 world premieres (A Sunbeam's Architecture, String Trio, Mnemosyné, Rigmarole) - two of which were specially written for this concert. • Features filmed tributes from leading British composers George Benjamin, Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Alexander Goehr, Oliver Knussen and Colin Matthews • 24-page booklet with a personal tribute to Elliott from Colin Matthews, Fred Sherry (Artistic Director) and extensive programme notes and many rare photographs from Carter archive. • The oldest work on this DVD was written when Carter was 83, and all the others post-date his 90th birthday Artists Rolf Schulte violin - Fred Sherry cello Richard O'Neill viola - Virgil Blackwell bass clarinet Bridget Kibbey harp - Marie Tachouet flute/ piccolo Mike Truesdell percussion - Jim Pugh trombone Peter Evans trumpet - Stephen Gosling piano Stephen Taylor oboe - Peter Kolkay bassoon Charles Neidich clarinet - Ayako Oshima clarinet Nicholas Phan tenor Ryan McAdams conductor Fred Sherry Artistic Director This DVD features 4 world premieres - String Trio, Mnemosyné, Rigmarole and the e.e.cummings song cycle A Sunbeam's Architecture - two of which were specially written for this concert. It also includes a short film of tributes to Carter and his music from leading British composers. The accompanying booklet features memoirs of the concert from Artistic Director Fred Sherry, and of Elliott from Colin Matthews plus extensive programme notes and rare photographs from Carter archive. Compatible with DVD players from any region

Deirdre Gribbin: Island People

Deirdre Gribbin: Island People Track 10. Crossing the Sea: On a Rainy Night to a Friend in the North NMC D185 Artists: Lore Lixenberg mezzo-soprano Patricia Rozario soprano Mark O'Keeffe trumpet Cliona Doris harp RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet Tracks: 1. Merrow Sang 2. Island People: The Given Note 3. Island People: Oracle 4. Island People: Gifts of Rain 5. Island People: Lovers on Aran 6. Crossing the Sea: Setting Sail 7. Crossing the Sea: A Song of Perfect Happiness 8. Crossing the Sea: Looking at the Moon and Thinking of One Far Away 9. Crossing the Sea: A Song of Dagger Dancing 10. Crossing the Sea: On a Rainy Night to a Friend in the North 11. Crossing the Sea: She Sews a Warrior's Gown All Night 12. Crossing the Sea: A Song of Running-Horse River in Farewell 13. Crossing the Sea: A Night-Mooring on the River 14. Anahorish 15. What the Whaleship Saw

Anthony Payne: Phoenix Mass

Anthony Payne: Phoenix Mass Track 1. Phoenix Mass: Kyrie NMC D159 Artists: BBC Singers The Philip Jones Brass Ensemble / John Poole conductor Susan Bradshaw piano Jane Manning soprano The Nash Ensemble / Lionel Friend conductor Jane's Minstrels Tracks: 1. Phoenix Mass: Kyrie 2. Phoenix Mass: Gloria 3. Phoenix Mass: Sancus 4. Phoenix Mass: Agnus Dei 5. Paean: Toccata 6.Paean: Aria 7. Paean: Paean 8. The World's Winter: Nothing will die 9. The World's Winter: All things will die 10. Horn Trio

Joseph Phibbs: The Canticle of the Rose

Joseph Phibs: The Canticle of the Rose Track 20. AGEA NMC D191 Artists: Helen-Jane Howells soprano Navarra String Quartet Alissa Firsova piano Joanna Shaw flute Michael Chance countertenor James Boyd guitar Ben Alden tenor Andrew Plant piano Tracks: 1. Flex 2. Two Songs from Shades of Night: Sleep, my body 3. Two Songs from Shades of Night: Hush-a-ba, birdie 4. The Canticle of the Rose: Prelude 5. The Canticle of the Rose: We are the darkness 6. The Canticle of the Rose: Through gilded trellises 7. The Canticle of the Rose: A Song at Morning 8. The Canticle of the Rose: Interlude 9. The Canticle of the Rose: Gold Coast Customs 10. The Canticle of the Rose: The Canticle of the Rose 11. The Canticle of the Rose: Madam Mouse Trots 12. From Shore to Shore: Prelude -- Sea Longing 13. From Shore to Shore: Ship 14. From Shore to Shore: The River: Part I 15. From Shore to Shore: Stonefish 16. From Shore to Shore: Interlude 17. From Shore to Shore: I dreamed that we were plagued by glassy Seas 18. From Shore to Shore: The River: Part II 19. From Shore to Shore: For the Leavers 20. AGEA 21. The Moon's Funeral

Philip Cashian: The House of Night

Philip Cashian: The House of Night Track 3. The House of Night: I NMC D188 PODCAST: Artists: Sainsbury Royal Academy Soloists Royal Academy of Music Cello Ensemble Christopher Redgate oboe Christopher Austin conductor Sarah Nicolls piano London Sinfonietta Zsolt Nagy conductor Northern Sinfonia Thomas Zehetmair conductor Darrett Adkins cello Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble Timothy Weiss conductor Tracks: 1.Tableaux 2.Cello Concerto 3.The House of Night: I 4.The House of Night: II 5.The House of Night: III 6.The House of Night: IV 7.The House of Night: V 8.Dark Flight 9.Piano Concerto: I 10.Piano Concerto: II 11.Piano Concerto: III

Alexander Goehr: Since Brass, Nor Stone...

Alexander Goehr: Since Brass, Nor Stone... Track 4. ...around Stravinsky: Intorduzione and Rondo NMC D187 Artists: Colin Currie percussion Pavel Haas Quartet The Nash Ensemble David Alberman, Laura Samuel, Marianne Thorsen violin Lawrence Power viola Paul Watkins cello Richard Watkins horn Richard Hosford clarinet Gareth Hulse oboe Ursula Leveaux bassoon Ian Brown piano Tracks: 1. Since Brass, nor Stone... Op 80 (2008) Fantasy for string quartet and percussion ...around Stravinsky for violin and wind quartet Op 72 (2002) 2. Prelude, 'Dushkin' 3. Stravinsky: Pastorale 4. Introduzione and Rondo Quintet for clarinet and strings Op 79 (2007) 5. I Maestoso 6. II Poco meno mosso 7. III Tempo 1 8. IV Tempo 1, poco scherzando 9. V Tempo 1, poco scherzando 10. VI Andante 11. VII Tempo 1 12. VIII Lento 13. IX Mosso, allegro 14. X Saraband Manere Op 81 (2008) for clarinet and violin 15. = 80 ma poco liberamente 16. come sopra 17. poco meno, sostenuto 18. tempo 1 19. meno mosso 20. in tempo 21. andante 22. in tempo dell'inizio, ma libaremente 23. in tempo 24. Largo Siciliano Op 91 (201 for horn, violin and piano

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