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LUX expands, preserves and distributes the film and video collections of its predecessor organisations, the LUX Centre, London Filmmakers Co-op and London Electronic Arts/London Video Access. The collections are for hire and sale. LUX advises artists about distribution, provides a professional development and exhibition services and hosts an online learning resource. Our funding supports core costs.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £200,957
  • 2013-2014: £205,579
  • 2014-2015: £210,924

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Sarah Pucill Selected Films DVD trailer

Trailer for new LUX DVD, Sarah Pucill Selected Films 1990-2010 available from LUX The films of award-winning British artist Sarah Pucill have been celebrated at film festivals world-wide and shown in cinemas and galleries internationally. At the core of her practice is a concern with mortality and the materiality of the filmmaking process. Many of her earlier films take place within the confinements of domestic space, where the grounded reality of the house itself becomes a portal to a complex and multi-layered psychical realm. Her most recent film Phantom Rhapsody marks a new departure. In its stark use of black and white, the film examines the appearance and disappearance of the phantom as it relates to the partial visibility of lesbian sexuality in the canons of both cinema and art history. The DVD consists of seven selected films spanning the two decades of Pucill's practice.

Introduction To Summer

'This was one of the shortest and simplest pieces I have ever made and, I think, it remains the most formally elegant. It was the last in the Three Seasons series for Channel 4, but after shooting hours of footage for Summer this was the only sequence that I felt I could work with. So it remains an introuduction to a piece I never made. It consists of a one-shot one-minute embrace between a male hand and its female counterpart. The image is simple and sensual and it plays out its digital coupling against the aural backdrop of summer sounds'. - Catherine Elwes.

Nightcleaners by Berwick Street Collective (1972-75) (extract)

Nightcleaners Part 1 was a documentary made by members of the Berwick Street Collective (Marc Karlin, Mary Kelly, James Scott and Humphry Trevelyan), about the campaign to unionize the women who cleaned office blocks at night and who were being victimized and underpaid. Intending at the outset to make a campaign film, the Collective was forced to turn to new forms in order to represent the forces at work between the cleaners, the Cleaner's Action Group and the unions - and the complex nature of the campaign itself. The result was an intensely self-reflexive film, which implicated both the filmmakers and the audience in the processes of precarious, invisible labour. It is increasingly recognised as a key work of the 1970s and as an important precursor, in both subject matter and form, to current political art practice. Nightcleaners is being shown as part of CCA's Beta Movement programme. Diverse in theme, scope and technique, Beta Movement offers a chance to engage with artists films, radical documentary and landmark narrative cinema on the last Thursday of every month. The films deal with issues from the social to the spiritual, deploying innovative filmic techniques and striking visuals. Nightcleaners Thursday 27 May, 7pm Dir. Berwick Street Film Collective, 1975, 90m, 18+ In this highly influential and controversial documentary the complex dynamics between gender, social class and economic power are played out.

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Ruth Novaczek - Artist Filmmaker Interview Ruth Novaczek's films and installations have been shown nationally and internationally at cinemas, galleries and festivals, from the Tate Gallery and the 291 Gallery in London to The Kitchen in New York, the Salon D'Automne in Tel Aviv, Catalyst Arts Belfast and the Mishkan Omanim, Herzliya, Israel. In 1990 she received a G.L.A grant and a Sarah Noble Memorial Fund completion award for 'Rootless Cosmopolitans' in 1994 she was awarded the Arts Council Large Award for Philosopher Queen .

Mark Aerial Waller founder of the Wayward Canon

Mark Aerial Waller vodcast where he talks about his film work. Glow Boys (1999), The Sons of Temperance (2000), Reversion of the Beast Folk (2003), Superpower - Dakar Chapter (2004), Simon and the Radioactive Flesh (2004) For more information check

Malcolm Le Grice innovative filmmaker and theorist

Malcolm Le Grice vodcast in which he talks about his influences and practice. Horror film (1971), Berlin Horse (1970), Neither Here Nor There (2001), Arbitrary Logic (1987-89) He has shown regularly in Europe and the USA and his work has been screened in many international film festivals. Since the 1960s Malcolm Le Grice (b. 1940) has been one of Britain's most innovative filmmakers and theorists, radically questioning and experimenting with the material, structural and experiential processes of cinema. For more information check

Nina Danino - Artist interview

Nina Danino vodcast in which she talks about her film work. Close to Home (1982-85), First Memory (1981), Stabat Mater (1990), Now I'm Yours (1993), Tenemos (1998) Nina Danino was born in Gibraltar. She studied Fine Art, Painting at St Martin's School of Art (1973-1977) and Environmental Media at the Royal College of Art (1978-1981) in London. Nina Danino's work mixes psychoanalysis, art and experimental film with aspects of her cultural background - the mixed cultural, political and religious heritage of Gibraltar. Her work has been broadcast and shown internationally in museums, cinemas, film festivals and galleries and is published on DVD and CD. She was co-editor of Undercut magazine and has recently co-edited The Undercut Reader: Critical Writings on Artists' Film and Video, London (2002). For more information check

Harold Offeh - Artist interview

Harold Offeh vodcast in which he talks about his video and performance work. Being Mammy (2004), Alien Broadcasting Corporation (2006), Haroldinho (2003), Four Ways To Feel Amazing (2002) His videos and performances question notions of representation and identity, drawing on familiar cultural references in film, song and art. Harold Offeh has shown widely both in Britain and abroad; including East International, Norwich; Ghosting, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth; Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham and Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff; Espaco Bananeiras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Metropolis Rise, CQL Design Center, Shanghai, China. His recent curatorial projects includes The Mothership Collective for the South London Gallery. He lives and works in London and is currently an Artsadmin associate artist.

Guy Sherwin - Artist interview

Vodcast about the British film artist in which he describes his influences and talks about his work. Man With Mirror (1976/2006), Paper Landscapes (1975/2006), Mobius Loops (2006-07), Railings (1977) Guy Sherwin was born 1948 and studied painting at Chelsea School of Art in the 1960s. His subsequent film works, often including live elements and serial forms, are characterised by an enduring concern with light and time as the fundamentals of cinema. Recent works include multi-screen projection and gallery installations. Sherwin taught printing and processing at the London Filmmaker's Co-op (now LUX) during the mid-70s. His films have been widely exhibited in England and abroad, as part of 'Film as Film' Hayward Gallery 1979, 'Live in Your Head' Whitechapel Gallery 2000, 'Shoot Shoot Shoot' Tate Modern 2002, 'A Century of Artists' Film & Video' Tate Britain 2003/4; also shown on BBC2, Channel 4 and Arte TV France. Solo shows include San Francisco Cinematheque, LUX London, International Film Festival Rotterdam and Image Forum Tokyo. He lives in London and teaches at Middlesex University, the University of Wolverhampton and periodically at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Chris Welsby - Artist interview

Chris Welsby talks about his film and installation work in this vodcast. Streamline (1976), Seven Days (1974), Sky Light (1986), Trees in Winter (2006) Welsby's work is characterised by a rigorous and experimental exploration of the relationship between natural systems inherent in the landscape, such as weather patterns and tidal flow, and the systematic methods and apparatus of filmmaking used to represent them. He has been working primarily with digital media since 1993, and is currently developing and exhibiting interactive video installations with collaborators in the fields of computational poetics and interactive audio environments, most recently dance, with the project Heaven's Breath. He lives on a small island in British Columbia and he is Professor of Fine Art Film And Video, at the School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

Angela Kingston - Independent Curator

Angela Kingston vodcast where she talks about her work as independent curator. Her curating and writing often touches on political issues, such as feminism, refugees and the environment. Her approach in terms of the artists she works with and the audiences she addresses is socially inclusive. Collective Works (1983), Girl at The New Art Gallery Walsall (2000), What I Said (Mikey Cuddihy, 1998), Ratman series (Clare Charnley, 1999-2000), Whatshername (Claire Carter, 1998-2000), Frances and the Elves (Annelies Strba, 2005), Untitled/Scream (Janaina Tschape, 2004), Little Red Riding Hood & Untitled (Vanessa Jane Phaff, 2002 & 2005), Big Castle (Peter Callesen, 2007), This is My Land (Ben Rivers, 2006), She took photographs of everywhere she slept when she first went to Blackpool (Kathryn Boyd, 2008), Spade (Charlotte Ginsberg, 2002) More information on

Andrew Kötting - Artist Interview

Andrew Kötting vodcast in which he talks about his influences and works. Hoi Polloi (1990), Jaunt (1995), Klipperty Klopp (1984), The Wake of a Deadad (2006), This Filthy Earth (2001) For more information check His work has been shown extensively throughout Europe and America as installations, screenings and retrospectives. Awards and commissions include FilmFour, Channel 4, The British Film Institute, the Wellcome Trust and the AHRB research board. On-line projects include He is a Senior Lecturer in Time Based Media, KIAD, Maidstone. In 1989 he collaborated with Leila McMillan in setting up BadBLoOd & siBYL studios in the French Pyrenees

Alia Syed - Experimental Filmmaker

Alia Syed vodcast where she talks about her influences. She is an experimental filmmaker whose work has been shown extensively in cinemas and galleries nationally and internationally. Watershed (1994), Spoken Diary (2001), Fatima's Letter (1992), A Story Told (2006) Her practice as a filmmaker constitutes ongoing research, exploring the nature and role of language in intercultural communication. This involves a focus on borders and boundaries, translation and the trans-cultured self.

Hugh MacDiarmid: A Portrait by Margaret Tait (1964)

Tait's affectionate portrait of Scotland's great poet (1892-1978) who remains a controversial and influential figure. Hugh MacDiarmid: A Portrait, is from the online Poetry Exhibition. To view the other films in the exhibition, please go to the LUX website.

Mile End Pugatorio by Guy Sherwin and Martin Doyle (1991)

A film-poem by Martin Doyle, poet, and Guy Sherwin, film-maker. Words and signs taken from a row of shop-fronts are integrated with spoken words. Mile End Purgatorio, is from the LUX online Poetry Exhibition. To view the other films in the exhibition, please go to the LUX website.

While Darwin Sleeps by Paul Bush (2004)

2004 - 5 mins - 35mm - colour Produced, directed, animated and edited by Paul Bush Sound design by Andy Cowton More than three thousand insects appear in this film each for a single frame. As the colours glow and change across their bodies and wings it is as if the genetic programme of millions of years is taking place in a few minutes. Bush was born in 1956 and studied Fine Art at Central School and Goldsmiths College, London. He taught himself how to make films while a member of the London Film-makers Co-op and Chapter Film Workshop in Cardiff. While Darwin Sleeps, is from the online Darwin Exhibition. To view the other films in the exhibition, please go to the LUX website.

Moon Walk by Greg Pope (2001)

Video - Colour, Sound - 1min UK, Norway - 2001 Almost subliminal lunar images flash by. A fantastic, though familiar, moonscape is momentarily exposed. Moon Walk, is from the online Moon Landings Exhibition. To view the other films in the exhibition, please go to the LUX website.

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