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Kneehigh Theatre

Kneehigh is a Cornwall-based theatre company with a local, national and international profile. It has been creating vigorous, popular and challenging theatre for over 30 years, and performs with a joyful anarchy that audiences have come to expect from this ground-breaking company.

In 2010 Kneehigh launched The Asylum, a beautiful, flexible, nomadic structure which has now become home for the company.

It also runs Connections, a programme which aims to engage creatively with communities in Cornwall and beyond.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £352,628
  • 2013-2014: £360,738
  • 2014-2015: £370,118

Video feed

The Coproduction

Paul Crewes, Kneehigh's Chief Executive & Executive Producer, talks to Deborah Aydon, Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse's Executive Director


An interview with Mike Shepherd at the Kneehigh Barns. Mike shows us his scrapbook that he made during the devising process for Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs)

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The show:


Mike Shepherd interviewed at the Kneehigh Barns, talking about adapting The Beggar's Opera to become DEAD DOG IN A SUITCASE (and other love songs)

IMAGINE - part 2

Mike Shepherd interviewed at the Kneehigh Barns

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IMAGINE - part 1

Mike Shepherd interviewed at the Kneehigh Barns

PLAY - part 2

Mike Shepherd interviewed at the Kneehigh Barns

PLAY - part 1

Mike Shepherd interviewed at the Kneehigh Barns. Mike explains the 'tool kit' that Kneehigh put in place when devising and rehearsing work.

Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs) - Official Promo

“Robust, raucous, and a real riot... Would I go and see this again? Like a shot.” **** The Times

"madcap mastery and jukebox high jinxes... Bright, bold and timeless" **** The Guardian

“a constant barrage of visual, theatrical and musical surprises” *****The Stage

“a stunning explosion of theatrical pyrotechnics" ***** The Morning Star

"Once seen, this show must be seen again... and yet again. It's that good." ***** Liverpool ECHO


Mike Shepherd interviewed at the Kneehigh Barns


Mike Shepherd interviewed at the Kneehigh Barns


Mike Shepherd interviewed at the Kneehigh Barns


Mike Shepherd interviewed at the Kneehigh Barns

Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs) - Rehearsals at the Kneehigh Barns, April 2014

Music: Black Polly
Music by: Charles Hazlewood
Lyrics by: Carl Grose
Recorded by: Phil Innes
Performed by: The Dead Dog company

Photos: Steve Tanner
Film: Brett Harvey

Join Us!

Kneehigh is celebrated as a bold and big-hearted theatre company committed to creating magical, transporting, inventive and entertaining theatre for all!

But it can sometimes be tricky to reach the ‘all’ we dream of. Many people have barriers to hurdle before they can share our wondrous fun. These can be financial, social or cultural – and we want to break them down! Our Kneehigh Rambles continues our proud tradition of working with communities by providing free tickets, running workshops and offering opportunities to work with artists.

We are a registered charity, so we need and want to work with you to make the brave work you love – and to share it with even more people. We want to be a beacon of pleasure, welcoming people from all walks of life to be listened to, excited and delighted.

Join our Friends Scheme today

Asylum 2014

The Asylum is our award winning, long-awaited, much dreamed about, jaw-dropping, spirit-lifting nomadic theatre space. A place of fun, playfulness and sanctuary, The Asylum is a purpose built tent, a home and "a place predisposed to magic". With theatre, live music, and great food and drink, the Asylum is a great night out.

Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs)

Kneehigh with Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse
Dead Dog in a Suitcase (and other love songs)
A New Beggar’s Opera
Written by Carl Grose
Music by Charles Hazlewood
Directed by Mike Shepherd
Video by Daryl Waller @DarylWaller with music by Ian Ross and the Dead Dog Company and Discharge

The Kneehigh Tristan & Yseult Company jamming at Berkeley Rep, CA

The Kneehigh company is a talented group of actor-musicians. When performing Tristan & Yseult at Berkeley Rep in January 2014, they had a little jam session, which Mike Shepherd, Joint Artistic Director of Kneehigh, managed to film. Enjoy!

Kneehigh Rambles Pop Up Shows

The Rambles Programme is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, West Cornwall Youth Trust, The Joyce Carr Doughty Charitable Trust, The John Thaw Foundation, FEAST and Rob & Jane Hartley, alongside donations made by members of the Kneehigh Family and bookers for Asylum seasons

Happy Christmas from the Brief Encounter Company in Australia

a little festive treat from the Brief Encounter company, filmed at the Regal, Perth

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