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Kazzum is for young audiences and they believe theatre can work just as well in a festival field as on a traditional stage, and in a classroom as in a car park.

They don’t do traditional shows or have audiences sitting in rows in a theatre. Instead, they have them move around, get involved and be part of the action. They create shows from scratch, making their offer fresh, playful and unexpected.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £127,927
  • 2013-2014: £130,869
  • 2014-2015: £134,272

Video feed

Kazzum - Nana's Jumble

A hilarious storytelling performance for children. There’s tea and squash, puppets emerge from the jumble, and there’s even a tombola! But (and not even granddaughter Josie can deny it) the best things about this jumble sale are Nana’s amazing stories from her travels around the world…

Kickstarter - Nana's Jumble Donate and support Kazzum's new Kickstarter Campaign for a new show touring to East London play spaces this summer Thank you

Waiting Game R&D

a mock Newsnight TV programme exploring people's attitudes towards immigration

Waiting Game R&D Film 2013

As part of the research and development for Kazzum's upcoming show 'Waiting Game' we worked with a group of performers for 4 days. each day they had to respond to a different art form. Here is the response to retelling the story through abstract film.

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Addressed to a Friend

This wonderful interactive family theatre show by Kazzum invites the audience to participate in a playful, exploratory journey, discovering homes, caves and underwater worlds, traveling up country lanes and across oceans, as the packages unfold to create a series of pop up landscapes.

The Girl Who...

From an audience view

Curious Curios @ Watch This Space. London

Kazzum's weird and wonderful pop up museum and the even weirder professor Hetty.

Sound Sample

This is a sample from the Sound Artist for The Girl Who... it gives a flavor of how the audio landscape can evoke emotions, feelings or enegry... and all in a short 90 second clip.... Now turn up those speakers!

The Girl Who.. visual narrative 1

Exploring the visuals of the market in relation to character narrative

The Girl Who.. visual narrative 2

Exploring the visuals of the market in relation to character narrative

The Girl Who... More play days

The seven task table top quest

Curios Curios photos slideshow

Roll up... roll up...Come and see the Curious Curios, an interactive carnival inspired pop-up sideshow. Marvel at the weird and wonderful in the Curious Curios pop-up museum for children and their families. You will meet professor H Jones and his very curious mind as he works in his museum and workshop based in his garden shed. After watching 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark' at the age of 8 Professor H Jones immediately made his first bull whip out of a stick and the cord of his bath robe. It was at that moment of hearing the flannelette crack of the home made whip he realised a life of archaeology and discovering rare and beautiful objects was his destiny... since then he has never stopped! So come and see the professor at work and the curious objects he has discovered on display including... the preserved eggs of Donald Duck, Dodo Doodoo, a shark with a hammer for a head, and his most significant discovery to date... 'DEREK' The missing link between teddy bear and doll! As well as many more magical, bizarre and rare objects found by our intrepid back garden archeologist. Kazzum's weird and wonderful exhibitions allows young audiences to explore and marvel at the sights on offer, watch the professor at work or ask him to take you on a tour around his shed and the world of the Curious Curios.... For the curious minds! All photos taken by Claire Horton

The Girl Who... Play day 3

The story is coming together for Kazzum's The Man Who... Production

The Girl Who... Play day 2

A short film exploring the central character's inner thoughts. Sen is a lonely person wanting to fit in with the world around him.

The Girl Who... Play Day 1

A day playing and explorin some on th ideas and themes for our upcoming show 'The Man Who...'

Brighter Futures - Flowers that Grow from Concrete

Brighter Futures London is a self-advocacy group of active young asylum seekers and refugees with roots in a variety of countries and continents; including West, Central and East Africa - from Togo to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia, to countries in South Central Asia such as Kurdistan and Afghanistan, and finally the Americas, including members from Latin American and Caribbean backgrounds. As a group we try to get direct access to the Government to get our voices heard. Our members are united by a passion and commitment to engage with senior officials to inform policy and practice, build cohesion and foster dialogue during challenging times. Since 2010 this project has worked with over 35 young people, whose passion and creativity has resulted in this exhibition and an opportunity to share their stories.

The Girl Who... Exploring Manga - Day 5

The Final day of my manga research for Kazzum's upcoming show ' The Girl Who...' so I';ve decided it's more about the culture than the drawings that intrest me the most!

The Girl Who...Exploring Manga - Day 4

Today I chatted to people and thoughts went of in different directions. this is day 4 of my Research and development for THE GIRL WHO...Kazzum's upcoming show

The Girl Who...Exploring Manga - Day 3

Another day = Another clip of my discovery. Research and Development for Kazzum's new show. 'The Girl Who...'

The Girl Who...Exploring Manga - Day 2

Second Day of my research for 'The Girl Who...' @ Kazzum an upcoming site specific show for 2012

The Girl Who...Exploring Manga - Day 1

Our next show 'The Girl Who...' (used to be called The Man Who.. as mentioned in the film) aims to use Manga as a creative influence. I spend a week finding out about the art form and the culture and create a video blog at the end of each day... so here is my first entry.

Brown Paper Packages

Brown Paper Packages is a concept for a new outdoor production. We spent 4 days playing around with the concept and then presented some ideas it to at Liberty Festival in Trafalgar Square.

Everybody's Different

Creating space for children to discover disability and difference. An arts-based programme that engages the school community in understanding equality and access.

Beginning with Blobs Trailer

A 2 minute trailer from the recent tour of Blobs!

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