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Heads Together Productions

Based in Huddersfield, Heads Together is a participatory arts organisation that uses the arts to produce positive changes in individuals and communities. Our investment supports the delivery of creative programmes in a range of formal and informal learning settings, and encourages cross-sectoral collaboration by making creativity the central theme.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £46,292
  • 2013-2014: £47,403
  • 2014-2015: £48,635

Video feed

No More Now at ChapelFM | July 2014

A montage from the first-ever performances at our brand new venue in East Leeds accompanied by one of the original tracks created for the show. "No More Now" was created and performed by ELFM's Next Generation groups of young volunteers. Part of Breeze Arts Festival 2014, this multimedia performance explored the lives of a group of young people who attend a makeshift cinema in Seacroft Village and how their lives are affected by the events of the First World War

Excess Baggage live | September 2013

All the live tracks from Excess Baggage's homecoming performance at the special event "I miss Japan" held at Leeds College of Music on 26th September 2013

One day in Ishinomaki | August 2013

Images from our last 24 hours in Ishinomaki accompanied by Blue; a song inspired by the Whale Station's own song—written by Alex Rushfirth and recorded live in the dormitory one night in Ishinomaki...

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Workshops in Ishinomaki | August 2013

Images from the three days in Ishinomaki with music recorded in the boys dorm one evening...

ELFM Live@Chapel Festival | 2012

The Live@Chapel Festival in June 2012 was a 10-day festival of words and music. 844 people took part and over 8,300 people listened online. The Festival is part of Heads Together's planned development of Seacroft Methodist Chapel to create chapELFM - the first-ever dedicated arts venue in East Leeds. For more information and audio etc - see

Methleys Turfing | Look North | 1996

The infamous turfing of the Methleys got an enormous amount of press coverage. Look North even hired in a crane to get an aerial shot.

Making A Brew | 2006

Heads Together worked with a whole range of people to tell the story of Seacroft Surestart. It all ended up as a book, Making a Brew, but we wanted to show people the kind of things people were saying so we put this short audio visual presentation together

Two Valleys Radio: The Story So Far 2010

Music from live sets and thoughts from the volunteers who have made Two Valleys Radio the thriving station it is...

ELFM Live@Chapel 2011

ELFM presented a week long festival of live words and music in June 2011: Writing on Air, our first-ever broadcast literature festival together with another 24-hour musicathon

ELFM's 24 hour Musicathon

ELFM's first ever Musicathon in 2009

Colne Valley Radio | 2009

The pilot project for Two Valleys Radio in 2009, run alongside Slaithwaite's Moonraking Festival

Meltdown: mannish boys | 2004

Photos put together during our work at West Yorkshire Foundries in 2004. We wanted to show the workers what we had been doing so created this presentation and played it on a loop in the smokers' shelter. Very positive feedback before we got closed down...too many people asking for cigarette breaks all of a sudden!

Meltdown 2004

Video of West Yorkshire Foundries in 2004 before it was closed down. The last aluminium smelting factory in the UK. Heads Together worked with the 600 staff to document the place before it went. Former workers still maintain the website at

Leeds International Pool | 2007

Photos and interviews from the 40th anniversary of the International they planned to demolish the place.

A space to float 2007

Only 40 years after it had been built, the decision was taken to demolish Leeds International Pool. Heads Together worked with swimmers and divers at the Pool to make sure there was a record...

Zoom Zoom Zillmere | 2003

Heads Together was commissioned to work in Zillmere; a multicultural suburb of Brisbane in Queensland. We worked for 4 months, creating this film which was screened outdoors on the main street in Zillmere.

TOFTS | 2001

Heads Together made a documentary film in the Burmantofts area of East Leeds in 2001. The film was projected outdoors in four different locations. A good time was had by all!

Home Zones: The UK Experience | 2003

With the Methleys being one of the first Home Zones in the UK, a whole raft of Home Zone schemes were being created across the country. Heads Together were asked to talk to the people involved and share the learning.

Screen On The Wall: Mind The Road | 1998

Back working in the Methleys, trying to create one of the country's first Home Zones. People used to say that kids didn't play on the streets any more. That's not what we'd noticed!

At Home In My Street | 1997

Heads Together worked with Transport 2000 and the Children's Play Council to organise a trip for a group of interested residents to visit woonerven (living streets) in the Netherlands. We filmed the trip so that we could share the learning with groups in the UK campaigning for the introduction of Home Zones.

Laughing At Life | 1991

Laughing at Life was a performance and installation created in a series of Art Gallery residencies by Heads Together in 1991. The video was filmed at the Mappin Gallery in Sheffield and documents some of the work. The starting point for the project was the question that everyone seems to ask themselves at some point in their lives "Am I going mad?"

Transition To Work

Film made in 1998 about Heads Together's work at Shipley College with the Transition To Work Course

The Methleys Screen on the Wall

One of the Methleys Screen on the Wall presentations from 1999. Every summer Heads Together put on an "On the Streets" festival as part of the campaign to redevelop the streets as public shared space: to create one of the country's first Home Zones.

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