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FACT (Foundation For Art & Creative Technology)

FACT is the UK’s leading organisation for commissioning and presentation of artists’ film, video and new media. It has developed projects of international significance including the Video Positive Biennial as well as national services such as MITES, the Moving Image Touring and Exhibition Service. Our investmnt is towards the FACT Centre which houses galleries, cinemas and exhibition and support spaces for artists. Our support also enables the organisation to deliver a high quality programme of media arts activity.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £1,000,112
  • 2013-2014: £1,023,115
  • 2014-2015: £1,049,716

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Veterans in Practice

FACT’s veterans project makes a real difference to the lives of often vulnerable ex-military personnel through access to arts experiences and engagement in creative digital projects and training. We bring together military veterans with artists to make films, art and animations. They visit art galleries and recently launched a creative website for military veterans in Liverpool Our participants have been transformed, inspired and given new opportunities as a result of this creative project - the only arts project of its kind in the UK!

Group Therapy at FACT

5 March 2015 - 17 May 2015 Originating from FACT’s extensive work within mental health and wellbeing, the exhibition explores the complex relationship between technology, society, and mental health. “In an age of digital technologies, internet addictions and virtual friendships, this exhibition brings the cross association between the outer limits of artistic innovation and the bewilderments of mental illness right up to date.’ - The Guardian Guide “This show is full of possibilities and potential navigations and solutions rather than anything else. It explores how we, as stupid, sensitive, fallible humans, navigate the world and our place within it.” - The Skinny “Good mental health is valuable to us all, and I for one support alternative spaces where people can get support and feel loved.” - Disability Arts Online

Past Sharing by Freehand at GROUP THERAPY

As part of our current exhibition Group Therapy, a group of young people from Freehand took part in a series of workshops with artist Erica Scourti to create a new work of art, Past Sharing.

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Labyrinth Psychotica at GROUP THERAPY

Unlike a maze, a labyrinth consists of a single path that twists and turns towards a centre. It is believed that to walk a labyrinth is to embark on a spiritual journey towards oneself.


Inspired by his own encounters with psychiatric hospitals, which he experienced as punishing rather than loving environments, the vacuum cleaner hopes that ideas from this project can eventually influence mainstream mental health care, offering individuals ‘a safe place to go mad’. Part of the exhibition Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age, presented at FACT. Visit to find out more.

Me and the Black Dog at GROUP THERAPY

Using cultural references in British folklore to ‘the black dog’ as a symbol of melancholy or death, this animation investigates the idea that the dark element of one’s personality isn’t necessarily something that needs to be eradicated using drugs or therapies.

White Matter at GROUP THERAPY

White Matter presents elements of Beales' ongoing research into Internet addiction, as well as the black mirror of the screen and it's historical antecedents. The title of the work responds to scientific research suggesting that individuals exhibiting symptoms of Internet addiction also display changes in the white matter of their brain similar to people addicted to alcohol and other drugs. While the diagnosis of Internet addiction is yet to become an official disorder in the UK, it is widely used in China and South Korea.

The Heart Library Project at GROUP THERAPY

The Heart Library Project combines interactive heart rate controlled audio-visuals with audience participation to create a unique environment where people can reflect, explore and share experiences connected to ideas of embodiment and presence

Type Motion - Gallery 1

Today’s urban environments are flooded with so many examples of type in motion, that we scarcely notice it. Take a walk through the ‘streets’ of Gallery 1 and immerse yourself in the complex relationship between text and the world in which we live. Type Motion 13 November 2014 - 8 February 2015 FREE #typemotion Video made by FACT Services

Type Motion - Gallery 2

Explore the entire film archive your way. Take a seat in our cinema space to watch the selections made by the exhibition curators, or use the interaction stations to learn more about your favourites, discover new ones, and create your own playlist. Type Motion 13 November 2014 - 8 February 2015 FREE #typemotion Video made by FACT Services

Prof Michael Mulqueen

Michael Mulqueen's research at CASI investigates Big Data's implications for security and media. A combination of widely available computer processing power and more efficient data storage capacity is triggering some of the most significant developments in national security and news media for many years. His work matters to public and private organisations seeking to strike the right balance between innovation and ethics when deploying the immense potential of Big Data to their missions and objectives. CASI, which 'went live' in January 2012, conducts external-facing, applied research. The centre is funded by the UK's Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF), which supports real world solutions to real world problems. They also publish peer-reviewed research and plan further expansion through international partnerships, training and education. Please see

Richard Thieme - Big Data

Richard Thieme is a widely published author and internationally acclaimedprofessional speaker focused on the deeper implications of technology, religion, and science for twenty first century life. He speaks about the challenges posed by new technologies and the future, how to redesign ourselves to meet these challenges, and creativity in response to radical change. A former Anglican clergyman, Thieme is also passionate about the integration of religion and technology. Thieme has been called "a father figure for online culture" and has spoken for nineteen years for the Black Hat Briefings and the annual computer hackers' convention Def Con. Read more about Richard Thieme here -

Keiichi Matsuda- Big Data

Keiichi Matsuda is a designer and filmmaker who started working with video during his Masters of Architecture at the Bartlett school (UCL) as a critical tool to understand, construct and represent space. Matsuda uses a mixture of video, motion graphics, interaction design, and architecture in his work, examining the implications of emerging technologies for human perception and the built environment, focusing on the integration of media into everyday life. Matsuda's current project, Hyper-Reality: A New Vision of the Future, is a new film series set in Medellin, Colombia, exploring a future city saturated with technology and media. Read more about Keiichi Matsuda here - and his project Hyper-Reality: A New Vision of the Future here -

Type Motion: Behind the Scenes, Atrium Installation

Type Motion 13 November 2014 - 8 February 2015 To complement the visual identity for the Type Motion exhibition, we asked our design partners Smiling Wolf to propose an artwork to be displayed in our atrium. Inspired by the tactile materials that form part of the presentation at FACT, Smiling Wolf decided to create a sculptural installation in response to the themes explored in the exhibition. As well as complementing the Type Motion branding, this giant perspex A is literal piece of type in motion. As the light changes throughout the day, and the breeze flows through the FACT building, the perspex will gently move and cast ever-changing shadows on our atrium walls. Smiling Wolf are an award-winning design agency based in Liverpool, you can find out more about their work at Video made by FACT Services.

Type Motion teaser

Exhibition Free 13 November 2014 - 8 February 2015 This November, FACT is pleased to present the UK premiere of Type Motion, an exhibition featuring over 200 outstanding examples of text and typography being used alongside the moving image. The exhibition celebrates the creative possibilities of opening up uses of text far beyond print, and seeks to showcase not only the importance of writing, but how bringing it to life with movement is an artform in itself. Music is 09 Ghosts I by Nine Inch Nails, from the album Ghosts I-IV which is available to buy at Trailer

2 October 7pm Ali Momeni and Nima Dehghani's crowd-sourced storytelling platform tries to break the borders for immigrant communities and begin a dialogue on the reasons for immigration between Europe and the rest of the world For this project, Momeni and Dehghani embed tiny cameras in puppets which then travel to the Middle East, collecting content and streaming stories through live projections and video feeds. During their residency in Liverpool, the artists made contact with the local Iranian community and interviewed individuals to understand more about their personal stories. He asked about the countries they left behind and in particular the things that the migrants were missing or were proud of. His puppets then travelled to these locations, documenting the sights and sounds of the places that are special to Liverpool’s Iranian community. On the evening of Thursday 2 October, this footage will form part of a live performance featuring the puppets and the films made on their travels! The audience in Ropewalks Square will also be invited to join in with the show.

BFI Film Academy at FACT

We are looking for committed, talented young people between the age of 16 and 19 to be a part of the BFI Film Academy 2014/15 Network Programme delivered by FACT. As a BFI Film Academy participant you will get to work with professionals from the film industry and take part in a series of masterclasses and workshops. You will get to hear their top tips on how to get into and succeed in the film industry, get practice in developing and pitching your ideas and produce your own work. For more information and to apply, visit

Liverpool Giants 2014 in 4K

The Giant Spectacular is back in Liverpool this weekend and we've filmed them in 4K! Memories of August 2014 welcomes back the Little Girl Giant and Xolo the dog as well as a brand new Grandmother Giant for her UK premiere. Eager to use our new 4K Blackmagic camera, the FACT Services team have captured some first-look images in stunning resolution. Our Blackmagic camera is available for hire from FACT Services. Events/Equipment/Film/Training Professional services from Liverpool based Arts Centre @FACTServicesLPL

Open Playground - Enda Carey

Open Playground - Enda Carey: Why are we great at making things but not selling them?

Open Playground - Mark Wright

Can we create a collaborative tool for young people that crosses the digital physical-divide?

Open Playground: Greg Foster - Is the future of gaming non-digital?

Open Playground: Greg Foster - Is the future of gaming non-digital?

Open playground - Petra Gemeinboeck & Rob Saunders:

Will robotics change our relationship with gaming? Open playground - Petra Gemeinboeck & Rob Saunders: will robotics change our relationship with gaming?

CloudMaker - Making Minecraft Real

LJMU and FACT have been working with our young researchers at The Studio School to investigate how online game Minecraft is supporting social creativity and design. Pop along and build your own Minecraft style structures using a robot, explore our interactive Minecraft world and see what we've done with 3D Printing!

Science Fiction: New Death

27 March 2014 - 22 June 2014 Explore how our relationship with technology has blurred the lines between the real and the virtual; making our everyday lives feel increasingly like science fiction. Artists including James Bridle, Jon Rafman, Mark Leckey, Larissa Sansour and Ryan Trecartin, plus award-winning science fiction author China Miéville present works which explore how technology is creating new ways of living (and dying), of fashioning identities and the growth of cult-like communities.

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