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Fabrica is a visual arts organisation based in a former Regency church in the heart of Brighton that commissions contemporary visual art installations specific to the building.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £185,308
  • 2013-2014: £185,308
  • 2014-2015: £185,308

Video feed

Fabrica Talking Point: Marcus Coates - Dawn Chorus

Fabrica, Brighton's Centre for Contemporary Art is pleased to be showing Dawn Chorus by Marcus Coates in partnership with Brighton Festival. This film features an interview with Marcus in which he talks about his relationship to birdsong, the digital processes behind Dawn Chorus and the relationship between the work and the space at Fabrica. This film was made by Laurence Hill, Ben Harding and Tom Thistlethwaite.

Léa le Bricomte

In 2014, French artist Léa le Bricomte was invited by the Jardin des Arts in Calais to undertake a four-month residency in the city in partnership with the Musée de Beaux Arts. Léa worked with school children to explore the ideas of what a monument might be and with local pigeon racers to develop a work called Drone, in which micro cameras were fitted to pigeons to capture an aerial view of the city. This residency was part of the Time and Place project which brought together five cultural organisations for a three-year, cross-border collaborative project. Time and Place was led by Fabrica.

REEF: Three Years, Three Cities - A Curatorial Collaboration

REEF was a new piece of work by artist Simon Faithfull. It was part of a three-year, cross-border collaborative project Time and Place led by Fabrica a contemporary visual arts centre in Brighton. REEF was a co-commissioned by Fabrica along with the Musée des Beaux Arts in Calais, the FRAC Basse Normandie in Caen and Photoworks in Brighton. It premiered at Fabrica in October 2014.

Out of the Blue: Woad

This short documentary film highlights some of the activity of Out of the Blue: Woad, a three-year, cross-border, collaborative project featuring, eight organisations split between Amiens and Brighton.

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Animation by Jem Ward

In 2014 we commissioned young designer Jem Ward, currently studying at 6th Form College, to design a marketing postcard, which would become part of a pack given to 5000 young people across the city. Jem made this short animation from which his postcard is derived.

Monument - Curatorial Reflections

The three Monument exhibitions that took place in 2014 were part of Fabrica's Time and Place project with partners in the UK and France. An open call was made for contemporary artists to submit work on the theme of monument. In this film the curators of the three exhibition reflect on the process of working in partnership, the work submitted and how the exhibitions were coloured by the histories of their respective cities.

Jan Lemitz - Artist Talk

Jan Lemitz is Fabrica Artist in Residence for the Time and Place project. This talk was filmed on 28 October 2014. Jan Lemitz's residency, managed by Fabrica is part of the Time and Place Interreg funded cross border project. Image Credits: Included in this video are some of the images Jan presented, every endeavour has been made to credit these images: Reproduction of the “Livre d’Or des Bourgeois de Calais 1347 1895”. Photographer: Florian Kleinefenn. Courtesy Musée des Beaux-arts, Calais Reproduction of a photograph by Paul Villy: Le monument des Bourgeois de Calais, Place d'Armes, approx. 1925. Photographer : Florian Kleinefenn. Courtesy Musée des Beaux-arts, Calais Photographic negative. Photographer unknown, Courtesy Musée des Beaux-arts, Calais Model of Blériot's plan; on display at the Musée des Beaux-arts de Calais in 1959. Photographer unknown. Courtesy Musée des Beaux-arts, Calais Postcard, Photographer unknown. Private postcard collection. Courtesy M. Pourre, private collector Model of the Quartier de Calais Nord plan du quartier nord de calais archive ancien ministere de la reonstruction Landscape of the tunnel construction site at Coquelles, 1992. Photographer M Lecras, Coquelles T2 tunnel interior, May 1991, photographer M Lecras, Coquelles T6 interieor of the tunnel drillhead. February 1990, Photographer : M Lecras, Coquelles Customs & Excise Collections, Border Force Museum, Customs Museum Liverpool, National Museums Liverpool The hangar of Sangatte under construction. Photographer : Christian Mounier. Courtesy Amicale des Bâtisseurs du Tunnel sous la Manche, Calais Demolition of the hangar of Sangatte, January 2002. Photographer : M Lecras, Coquelles Jungle demoli aftermath / blue vest UNHCR Photographie aérienne da la Jungle, Zone industrielle des Dunes, Calais. Philippe Frutier, Société Altimage, photographies aeriennes Vues aériennes de la côte à côté du chantier du tunnel, 1987 et 1988. Société Phot’r, Lille-Lesquin. Courtesy Amicale des Bâtisseurs du Tunnel sous la Manche

Nick Sayers - Artist Talk

Nick Sayers: Making on the move - Artist Talk Fabrica Gallery, Brighton 24 April 2014

Jordan Baseman - ArtistTalk

This is an audio recording of Jordan Baseman's talk at Fabrica Gallery, Thursday 10 October 2013. This talk was part of the exhibition programme for A Cold Hand on a Cold Day an Exhibition by Jordan Basemen. The Exhibition ran from 5 October to 24 November 2013. For more information on the Exhibition go to

REEF - Simon Faithfull - Trailer

Simon Faithfull has sunk a boat at the end of its working life off the coast of Southern England to create a new artificial reef. See REEF at Fabrica until 23 November 2014.

REEF Talking Point

Gallery film for REEF Fabrica's exhibition for autumn 2014 by Simon Faithfull. REEF is a new work commissioned for the Brighton Photo Biennial by Fabrica, Photoworks, Brighton, Musée des Beaux Arts Calais and FRAC Basse Normandie Caen.

Young Masters Trailer

The sessions will be run by artist Jane Fordham and will focus on: drawing a clothed model, imaginative drawing and discovering new materials and techniques. Video by: Kevin Cheung To book please visit eventbrite:

Raumzeichnung (Reflection) - Trailer

Trailer for Fabrica's summer 2014 exhibition. Check out the longer artist interview with Monika Grzymala too.

Talking Point - Monika Grzymala - Raumzeichnung (Reflection)

Artist interview with Monika Grzymala who has created a new site-specific installation for Fabrica's summer 2014 exhibition. Raumzeichnung (Reflection) is comprised of more than eleven kilometres of silver mirrored tape that reflects the changing light in the space.

Jacob Dahlgren - Artist Talk Jacob Dahlgren's Artist talk at Fabrica, 6 April 2014. In this talk Jacob talks about his career and many of his past works. This event was part of: Jacob Dahlgren - On Balance. An exhibition held between 5 April - 26 May 2014 On Balance was a co-commission with Brighton Festival 2014. The exhibition brought together two works by Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren, reconfigured for Fabrica's unique space. Heaven is a Place on Earth is a large floor work comprising 713 polished bathroom scales in candy-pop colours, ranging from turquoise and lime to cerise and black. The Wonderful World of Abstraction takes its sculptural form from 1000's of metres of multi-coloured ribbon, which are suspended uniformly from a metal frame -- to kaleidoscopic effect. Peinture Abstraite - Every day since 2001, Jacob has worn a striped T-shirt and now has more than 1000 in his collection he works with a curator who guides what he will wear. The version of this project documented throughout his exhibition at Fabrica was, One Stripe = Three, curated by Daniel Eatock.

#ThatChangedMyLife - Fabrica annoymous upload 2

Blast Theory have started the campaign to show and share "the multitude of ways that our lives have been enhanced by the breadth and vibrancy of art and culture in this country". Youtube campaign: Fabrica's blog on #ThatChangedMyLife:

#ThatChangedMyLife - Fabrica annoymous upload 1

Blast Theory have started the campaign to show and share "the multitude of ways that our lives have been enhanced by the breadth and vibrancy of art and culture in this country". Youtube campaign: Fabrica's blog on #ThatChangedMyLife:

#ThatChangedMyLife - Lisa Finch

Blast Theory have started the campaign to show and share "the multitude of ways that our lives have been enhanced by the breadth and vibrancy of art and culture in this country". Youtube campaign: Fabrica's blog on #ThatChangedMyLife:

That Changed My Life - Liz Whitehead

Larry Burrows "Reaching out" Liz Whitehead, Co Director of Fabrica gallery, Brighton UK. Liz talks about the experience which changed her life. #thatchangedmylife

Book of Debts Volume 5 - Launch

Artist Alinah Azadeh launches the Book of Debts volume 5 at Fabrica gallery. Sunday 6 April 2014. Alinah Azadeh, artist in Residence at Fabrica April/May 2014. This residency is part of the Out of the Blue: Waide project, funded by Interreg.

That changed my life - Lisa Finch

Lisa Finch, Co Director of Fabrica gallery, Brighton UK. Lisa talks about the experience which changed her life. #thatchangedmylife

On Balance - Trailer

A trailer for Fabrica's spring 2014 exhibition, On Balance, by Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren.

Talking Point gallery film - On Balance

Fabrica's exhibition for spring 2014 features the work of Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren. In a co-commission with Brighton Festival, 2014, two of his works, Heaven is a Place on Earth and The Wonderful World of Abstraction have been reconfigured for Fabrica's unique space. This film features an interview with Jacob in which he speaks about the works and their development. The film also features an interview with artist in residence Alinah Azadeh talking about her ongoing project Burning the Books, which forms a central part of her residency. Producer: Laurence Hill Director, Camera and Editor: Ben Harding Additional Camera and Sound: Tom Thistlethwaite

Early Redemption - Talking Point

In September 2005 Mark Anstee was commissioned to make a live drawing at the Fabrica project in Brighton. For 25 days he was suspended high-up in the chancel of this former church and, appearing as a blurred shadow, he created an accumulating mass of individually drawn figures onto a vast translucent membrane.

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