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Exeter Phoenix

Situated in the heart of the city, Exeter Phoenix is a multi-artform venue hosting hundreds of events each year spanning music, art, film, theatre and comedy, as well as a whole host of learning activities.

The programme includes award-winning work by internationally renowned artists alongside new work by local creatives. The company develops new talent, giving the artists the tools to experiment, take risks and realise their best ideas, and audiences a chance to see bold and experimental new work.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £125,000
  • 2013-2014: £127,875
  • 2014-2015: £131,200

Video feed

Two Short nights trailer 2013

Created by Jack Oliver.

Two Short Nights 2012 TRAILER

A taster of what to expect at 2012's Short film Festival, 29-30 November, at Exeter Phoenix.

Created by Jack Oliver.

La Legende~Dali

HDV / 2009
Exeter Phoenix Digital / The Haphazard Organisation

Surreal comedy docu-drama about the life and work of Salvador Dali. Set in a boxing gym, it tells in a theatrical way, how his odd family helped shape the young man into becoming arguably the twentieth century's greatest painter.

2 Short Nights 2009 (best film)
2 Short Nights 2009 (audience award - best film of festival)

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House Martin

All Martin has to do is open his door. But sometimes the hardest barriers to overcome are the ones in our mind.

Filmed for the 2011 2 Short Nights - 48h film challenge at the Exeter Phoenix arts centre. Script by Ben Cooper, revisions from myself and Matt Roberts. Musical theme composed by moi.

Mrs Lustleigh's Fancies

Oddbodies/Exeter Phoenix Digital
2010, HD

A darkly comic and fabulously grotesque tale of greed, curiosity and fatal attraction...

Tuesday 21st

A journey of two friends
trying to reconcile their differences
in the the face of a decision
and a death
that has made them question
their own moral natures
and whether they could have
or did do

As part of a wider project in using media to address mental health issues in a new, relevant and engaging way, Tuesday 21st, starring Lesa Gillespie as Beth and Ivan Jordan as Andrew, is a film that seeks to ask questions and promote debate about suicide and mental wellbeing in general.

Tuesday 21st is the first of a series of fictional films planned, each one exploring a different thread of the story surrounding a suicide.

It was commissioned by the Devon Recovery Research Innovation Group.

Mugs (in love)

A film made by participants during our Introduction of Video Production course in August 2011.
This 5 day course covered, camera setup/composition, HDV & DSLR workflows, basic lighting techniques, sound recording and post-production using Final Cut Studio.

for more info on our courses go to:

Phoenix 5x5

Just completed a 5 day workshop at the Phoenix Exeter "Moving Image Production". Excellent fun and here are a few shots that were left on my 60d.....

5x5 - 5 shots, 5 seconds

1) Practicing using DSLR cameras
2) Practice Pull focus on moving subject
3) Setting up to film our "production"
4) "Can't keep it up!"
5) Close up of the "Tramp"

Really good course - Final edit of our finished short -

The Fat Lady Dances on the Head of a Pin

Oddbodies/Exeter Phoenix Digital/Animated Exeter
2006, MiniDV

A wryly melancholic reflection on the way we juggle our lives...

The Nature of Angrove: IndieGoGo Campaign

Oddbodies is making a new film, 'The Nature of Angrove' - a colourful and curious tale of magic, martinis and maternal meddling.

This is our pitch for the IndiGoGo crowd funding website. Please check out the link for more information and help us out if you can!

Twitter: #natureofangrove
Facebook: 'The Nature of Angrove - An Oddbodies Film'


Directed by David Salas

Sundays (Short edit of 'Day Of Rest' for Virgin Media Shorts)

'Sundays' profiles three English men. Jim has been running his candlelight dances for 22 years, Colin likes nothing more than to hit the open road in his vintage MG, and Phillip thinks Sundays should be banned.

White English Men

"The term culture . . . includes all the characteristic activities and interests of a people; Derby Day, Henley Regatta, Cowes, the twelfth of August, a cup final, the dog races, the pin table, the dart board, Wensleydale cheese, boiled cabbage cut into sections, beetroot in vinegar, 19th century Gothic churches and the music of Elgar." - T.S. Eliot, 'Notes Towards the Definition of Culture'.

'White English Men' is a playful depiction of the English stereotype. We found 6 men with traditionally 'English' interests, found 6 'English' locations, and asked them about 'English' things.

This is a student film by Andy Oxley made in 2004 while he was studying at the University of Wales, Newport.

160 Characters

Directed by David Shaerf.

'When we have become reliant on technological devices as our main form of communication what happens when a stranger bleeps?'

A Phoenix Media Short Film Bursary Production, 2007.
Supported by Devon County Council & Pennon Group Plc.

Two Short Nights 2009 - Sting

Sting produced by Elliott Stallion for Two Short Nights Film Festival 2009.

2 Short Nights Film Festival 2007 Trailer

A trailer cut together for 2007's festival. Edited by Joshua Gaunt with Animated Graphic bookends by Yelena Grigorenko.

'Next Best Thing' - INTERIORS

Directed by Harry Willmott, this is the promo video for Next Best Thing by Interiors. All projections were filmed live onto the band.

Plan B

HDV 2009
Written & Directed by Jerri Hart
Produced by CWA Film & Exeter Phoenix Digital

Wool, Cakes, Heels...and Attitude!

Whilst serving 6 months for yet another bungled robbery, habitual criminal Tony is forced to attend sessions with the prison therapist. During these he discovers the many inner 'selves' that make up his personality and often cause him to make the wrong decisions in life. On his release he is resolved to 'go straight' but his right-hand man Rod and the other members of his dysfunctional gang have other ideas and persuade their boss to lead them on one last job...

Flatlake Festival, Ireland, 2009
Two Short Nights Film Festival, UK 2009
View From Here Film Festival, UK 2009

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