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Blind Summit Education

Contrary to received opinion, puppetry is not a solitary art form. Neither is it inexpensive to perform. Blind Summit invests in opportunities for practitioners to come together to build knowledge and mastery of puppetry, as well as providing the specialist tools to create new settings and productions.

The company, formed in 1997 designers Mark Down and Nick Barnes, approach challenging and contemporary issues in their theatre by reinterpreting the ancient Japanese artform of Bunraku puppetry to engage new audiences, resulting in unique, energetic and captivating art.

Funding awards

  • 2012-2013: £75,000
  • 2013-2014: £76,725
  • 2014-2015: £78,720

Video feed


This video is about Emma Watson and Feminism


This video is about Emma Watson and Feminism

Tina's thoughts on Scottish independaence

Tina : Laura Caldow, Sean Garratt

Howie in Poland

This video is about Howie in Poland

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Howie - intelligent

This video is about Howie - intelligent

Howie in Burgos

This video is about Howie in Burgos

Howie in Segovia

This video is about Howie in Segovia

Magic Flute Bregenz Festival rehearsals

Rehearsing for

The Table Trailer

Coming to the UK from Wednesday 29 January. Full details here:

The Table coming to a UK venue near you!

For dates and times click here:

Maxim dressed as a woman

Francine remembers funny times with Maxime

Mel Gibson's Lawn

Puppet Memoires


Norman Mound, known to his friends as "Howie", remembers the good old days on the comedy circuit - before he became a Puppet Professor at Princeton.

The environment

Professor Howie Mound on The Environment

Mel Gibson's lawn

Howie Mound, Professor at Princeton, remembers shsi early years in Comedy

dragon fight carmina burana

Samurai fighting a dragon in rehearsals for "The Heads"

The Table Trailer

Music by AK Beats

The Call of the Wild

An Adaptation of The Call of the Wild by Blind Summit with Students from Central School of Speech and Drama

Blind Summit present '1984' at BAC Xmas 2009

Blind Summit and BAC present George Orwell's 1984. Showing at BAC from the 2nd Dec 2009 - 9th Jan 2010 (excluding 23rd Dec - 3rd Jan) Book now to avoid disappointment! /

Blind Summit 1984 Video Blog - Gergo's Birthday

On the third week of rehearsals for 1984, we had another birthday person, which was...

Blind Summit 1984 Video Blog - Room 101

Everyone wonders what is in Room 101. Death by fire, by drawing and Rats... 1984 casts reveal what would be in their 'Room 101'.

Blind Summit 1984 Video Blog - Sound design in 1984

Mr. Goldstein interviewed Chris Branch, the sound designer of 1984. How is the sound like in the world of 1984?!

Blind Summit 1984 Video Blog - Happy Brithday to...!

We had another birthday from the cast of 1984 on the last Thursday 22nd of October! The birthday person was....

Blind Summit 1984 Video Blog - Workshop next door

We have a props workshop just next door to the rehearsal room. Louella, Lucia and Anna are busy making the puppets and props which are going to be used in the show. Nick, the designer of 1984, is always on hand to make any props as the rehearsals go on!!

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