To be have been eligible to submit an application as a lead organisation, you must:

  • have the experience required to deliver the grant as set out in section two of this guidance
  • apply for activity taking place between February 2013 and March 2016
  • be an individual organisation or consortium of organisations with a registered office in England or Wales
  • be properly constituted as an organisation and able to make available copies of your governance documentation, if requested. This includes:

    - limited companies registered at Companies House
    - community interest companies (CIC) registered with the CIC regulator
    - charities or trusts registered with the Charity Commission
    - limited liability partnerships registered at Companies House
    - partnerships established under a Deed of Partnership
    - industrial and provident societies or community benefit societies subject to regulation by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)
    - Royal Charter companies
    - statutory bodies

We cannot give grants to organisations that share out profits to members or shareholders; unless the activity applied for is a self-contained, financially ring-fenced arts project with a clear benefit to the public. No grant funds can contribute to an organisation's profits. Applicants should also ensure they comply with current regulations on state aid.

Who cannot apply

  • an organisation based outside of England or Wales
  • an individual - we will not accept applications from people applying in a purely personal capacity

For further on eligibilty and the application process (now closed) please read our guidance.