The Space is currently applying to the BBC Trust for approval to be re-launched in Spring/Summer 2014 as a dynamic new space for artists and audiences to invent and explore brilliant digital art. The current Space pilot service will come to an end on 31 October and from 1 November, all current content on The Space will be taken down.

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The commissions for The Space have been drawn from one of three editorial vision strands:

1. Capturing the event or artistic work – the capture or reinterpretation of an event; some will be for live broadcast

2. About the event or artistic work – work to deepen knowledge and reflect the creative process, drawing as appropriate on new and archive material

3. Creating a new artistic work – artists’ creations using The Space itself as a canvas, to take advantage of the different artistic possibilities offered by emerging technologies

The editorial vision was agreed by Arts Council England and the BBC. It has guided the decision-making on the grant process and informed the selection of proposals that have been commissioned and made available by The Space on the various platforms.

Every proposal has been assessed against its ability to address one of the three editorial vision essentials.


We have sought creative output produced in a variety of formats including, but not restricted to, long form video, short form video, audio recordings, collections of still images, text (such as blogs), interactive online experiences and applications to run on tablets or mobile phones.


We have focused primarily - but not exclusively - on the following areas:

  • music
  • dance
  • theatre and drama
  • visual arts
  • literature and poetry
  • combined arts (including festivals and other multi-artform events or propositions)
  • media and digital arts
  • arts-focused approaches to the interpretation of and engagement with archives and collections (including museums and libraries)


We have encouraged applications from across the country but the awards we make and the material shown on The Space will not necessarily cover all of the regions of England.