When we receive your application we will first check whether it is eligible or not.

All eligible applications will then be considered against the same set of criteria. Our decision-making will be in two distinct stages.

Stage one: assessing your application

This stage assesses the kind of contribution that your proposed activity would make against our goals and priorities. It looks at the individual application on its own merits and assesses it against the criteria.

Stage two: achieving a balanced portfolio of support for Subject specialist networks

The second stage makes a judgment about how well the organisation would fit into a comprehensive national framework of support for Subject specialist networks.

This stage will consider the following factors:

  • breadth of support for collections, especially those without specialised curatorial support
  • innovation and diversity of activities
  • value of the proposed outcomes of each activity to the wider museum sector

As with all our funding streams, we  may prefer applications that show a wide reaching, empowering and inclusive approach.

At this stage the Arts Council will also decide in its discretion, given the nature of the activities decided upon, how much should be allocated towards evaluation.