The relationship between Arts Council England and its regularly funded organisations sets out a new framework for our relationships with regularly funded organisations. It describes a relationship based on partnership, openness and mutual respect, focused on outcomes rather than process. It was developed following a major consultation with arts organisations and others in 2008/9.

The document describes the aims and principles of the relationship and the relationship management processes that we use. The key changes are that:

  • we published our self-evaluation framework online in July 2010. It is a flexible developmental tool that organisations can use if they wish. We believe that in order to fulfil their full potential and to inform their future plans all arts organisations should undertake periodic self-evaluation. It is up to each organisation to decide how best to do this. We will not normally expect to see the self-evaluation - our focus will be on the plans that it informs
  • from 2011/12 there will no longer be a 'narrative' section to the annual submission. Instead, we will ask regularly funded organisations to provide a short summary of the outcomes they achieved and any challenges that they faced in the previous year, informed by the self-evaluation process, and a copy of their developing plan for the future
  • annual reviews will continue to look at a range of evidence, such as artistic assessments, critical review, audience figures and management accounts, for example, depending on what is most appropriate for the individual organisation. The annual review meeting will be forward-looking and will focus on the organisation's developing plan
  • following the annual review meeting, we will send the organisation a copy of our notes of the meeting and our assessment of the organisation's ability to deliver the outcomes for which we fund it
  • in the last quarter of the year regularly funded organisations will need to send us a final version of their future plan
  • we will introduce regular peer appraisal on a five-yearly cycle for the nine organisations which receive more than £5 million a year from us in regular funding

Download The relationship between Arts Council England and its regularly funded organisations