Please note that applications to the National portfolio funding programme are now closed. Find out more about how we made our decisions.

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On 26 October 2010 we announced details of how the 29.6% cut to our budget, announced 20 October, will be implemented over the next four years.

The majority of arts organisations will be given an equal cut which has been kept to 6.9% for 2011/12. This approach keeps the overall percentage cut as low as possible and gives organisations a quick and fair decision. You can view a full breakdown of funding amounts for each regularly funded organisation in 2011/12 on our regularly funded organisations page.

From April 2012, the new National portfolio funding programme will replace the current regularly funded organisations system - which presently provides regular funding to around 850 arts organisations in this country.

Decisions on the national portfolio have been made in the context of a clear set of strategic priorities and the reduced resources available. The Arts Council is limiting the real-terms cut to the budget available for funded organisations over the next four years to 14.9%. It also has to operate within a much reduced overall budget of 29.6% over this period.

Find out more about the new National portfolio funding programme, the Spending Review and more about our funding decisions.