Who could apply

Applications to this funding programme are now closed.

To be eligible for funding, applicants were required to meet the following criteria:

1. Be properly constituted as an organisation and applying to deliver the lead hub role for a local area. We welcomed applications for hubs led by a partnership, although a single organisation needed to be named as the lead applicant.

This lead organisation was responsible for managing the application and any grant awarded.

The kinds of organisations that were eligible to apply included:

  • statutory bodies including local authorities
  • limited companies registered at Companies House (or equivalent, if outside the UK)
  • Community Interest Companies registered with the CIC Regulator
  • charities or trusts registered with the Charity Commission
  • Limited Liability Partnerships registered at Companies House
  • partnerships established under a Deed of Partnership
  • Industrial and Provident Societies or Community Benefit Societies subject to regulation by the Financial Services Authority
  • organisations established by Royal Charter or other legislation

Unless an organisation was a statutory body or established by Royal Charter, applications were required to include a copy of governing documents showing how an organisation is constituted. In addition, organisations were asked to confirm that applications were supported by the governing body of the organisation.

Local authority, were required to send evidence that applications were supported by the chief executive or authorised signatory.

Newly constituted organisations or partnerships, were required to send us details of planned governance arrangements, together with current governing documents.

2. Application for funding covered activity from 1 August 2012 - 31 March 2015.

3. Applications were required to be aligned with one or more local authority boundaries. Applications were encouraged to cover more than one local authority area, provided all state educated children within local authority areas (including academies and free schools) were covered by the application.

4. Applications for the amount allocated for the relevant local authority area(s) boundaries.

5. Applicants were required to demonstrate they are working in partnership with a range of local, regional, and national partners in order to deliver the core, and where possible, extension hub roles. We published an advice sheet about partnerships available here.

If a partnership agreement in was in place, applicants were required to please send it. If not, they were encouraged to to supply relevant letters of support completed according to our published template.

Partnerships might include one or more local authorities, schools, other hubs, national, regional or local arts/music organisations, National portfolio organisations, Youth Music-funded organisations and community or voluntary organisations.

We acknowledged that it may not be possible to have formal partnership agreements in place at the point applications were submitted; also, that hub partnership arrangements may evolve over time. However, the lead partner in any music education hub application was required to be committed to entering into a formal partnership agreement with each other and show a firm commitment to joint working. Applicants were required to provide, as part of their application, evidence of partnerships: either copies of existing or draft partnership agreements, or letters of support completed according to our supplied template.

If successful, applications will be asked to provide us with appropriate documentation detailing the partnership arrangements for delivery of the core and extension roles of your hub. These will include:

  • Formal partnership agreements between the hub partners, including where a hub lead is working with one or more other organisations or hubs to deliver core and/or extension roles funded through Department for Education funding. Successful applicants will be asked to provide a copy of this as a condition for the release of the first payment.
  • Any further partnership documentation such as Memoranda of Understanding; or contracts covering the delivery of extension roles where non-Department for Education funding will be used.

Please note that we reserve the right to request changes to your partnership documentation in accordance with your funding agreement and agreed programme of activity.

Who could not apply

We could not accept applications from:

1. organisations based outside the European Union

2. individuals, unless appling as a director of their own company. We will could not accept applications from people applying in a purely personal capacity.

3. those who wish to deliver in only part of a local authority area

4. more than the allocations for each local authority

5. those who wish to deliver activity that ends before 31 March 2015

6. those who are unable to offer music education provision from 1 September 2012

7. those who do not have expertise and a track record in music education delivery

How to apply

Applications were accepted through our online form. Applications were open from 25 November and closed 17 February 2012. Successful applicants will be announced in early May. Music education hubs will be in place in September 2012.