Partnership working is at the heart of the recommendations in The Importance of Music: A National Plan for Music Education, and in the criteria for the new music education hubs. It plays an important role in establishing sustainable provision with adequate breadth and capacity to deliver a high quality service, at the same time as meeting local and national priorities.

We expect music education hubs to involve a range of partnerships including strategic, delivery and information sharing partnerships and many others, depending on local circumstances, need and the objectives of the music education hub.

Partnerships can involve local authorities, schools, other hubs, national, regional or local arts or music organisations, Arts Council Bridge organisations or National portfolio organisations, a Youth Music funded organisations, or a community or voluntary organisations.

Successful music education hub applicants were asked to provide appropriate documentation detailing the partnership arrangements for delivery of the core and extension roles of their hub.


Our partnerships advice sheet clarifies the information we're looking for, and offers some general guidance on partnership working and developing partnership agreements.

Download the partnerships advice sheet in PDF format or Word format.