Applications to this funding programme are now closed.

On behalf of the Department for Education, we are investing more than £171 million of funding between August 2012 and March 2015 in a network of music education hubs across England. On 4 May 2012 we announced the nationwide network of 123 music education hubs. You can download a list of the hubs using the link on the right.

The hubs were identified through an open application process, which opened 25 November 2011.

Music education hubs will ensure that every child aged 5-18 has the opportunity to sing and learn a musical instrument, and to perform as part of an ensemble or choir. It will also allow young people to take their talent further - this might be through local ensembles, partnerships with nationally funded music organisations, including National portfolio organisations or through involvement in the Music and Dance Scheme.

Music education hubs will build on existing music services. A music education hub will be a collection of organisations working in a local area, to create joined up music education provision for children and young people, both in and out of school.

Read about the Relationship between the Arts Council and Music education hubs

Partnership working

Hubs will be expected to form strong partnerships with local authorities, schools, music organisations, practitioners and communities to provide quality music education across the whole country - while delivering better value for money and greater accountability.

Read examples of hubs in practice.

A relationship framework, outlining the relationship between the Arts Council and the network of music education hubs, has now been published (download above).

The application process

Applications to this funding programme are now closed. Applications opened on 25 November and closed 17 February 2012. The successful applicants were announced on 4 May 2012 and music education hubs will be in place in September 2012.


The assessment of applications looked closely at the following areas:

  • leadership and governance
  • a track record in high quality music education
  • partnership working
  • proposed music education hub delivery
  • value for money

You can download a list of the 122 successful applicants using the link on the right.

Music education charities

You can download the Directory of music education charities from the link to the right. This allows you to search for music charities in England by keywords or local authority.

Key data on Music education hubs 2013

Arts Council England asked the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) to provide an external and independent analysis of the data that was collected by our Music education hubs survey, undertaken in October 2013. The data that the NFER used was provided by Arts Council England and the National Pupil Database.

The report focuses on the main key performance indicators agreed between Arts Council England and the Department for Education (DfE) in January 2014. Download the report as a Word or PDF document. The subsequent regional breakdown report, published in June 2014, is also available as in Word or PDF.

In Harmony - NFER Report

NFER has been commissioned by Arts Council England to undertake an evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of the In Harmony social and music education programme.

This Year 1 Interim Report presents early findings from the evaluation.

Find out more and download the report.