We expect every child to have the opportunity to sing and play instruments - both solo and in groups - and to be able to take these skills further if they have the talent or inspiration. Every one of our 123 Music education hubs is passionate about making sure that this goal is achieved.

About the hubs

The hubs are a new way of organising music education. They are groups of organisations, including primary and secondary schools, further education institutions, professional music organisations and arts organisations. They work in local areas to create music education programmes for children and young people.

Music education hubs have now been in place for two school years. Hubs are already working with 80 per cent of schools in England, meaning that around one million children and young people are learning a musical instrument.


The Department for Education recently announced it will increase the funding it gives to the Arts Council to deliver music education by £18 million. This brings the total amount of funding available to Music education hubs in 2015-16 to over £75 million.

2015-16 funding allocations for each Music education hub

Updates for Music education hubs

Take a look at our latest updates and announcements - including news from across the country - for our Music education hubs here.

Ensuring quality report

The Ensuring Quality report helps Music education hubs understand their role and ways that the Arts Council can support them in developing and amplifying the quality of their outcomes. Excellent music education hubs consider quality in everything they plan, communicate and deliver. The Arts Council encourages and supports ambition and excellence across the hub network. We have worked with hub and Department for Education to develop a holistic approach to quality that is alighted to the Arts council’s quality principles, a peer development programme, tools and resources and seminars and training.  

The report can be downloaded here

Music education hubs: in action

Youth Ensembles
Greater Manchester Music education hub

  • this Music education hub is a ground breaking new partnership, made up of nine local authority services and 15 regional and national partners
  • the new Greater Manchester Ensembles offer music opportunities of distinction for some of the most advanced young musicians in the region, working with world-class conductors, teachers and composers
  • examples include the Greater Manchester Youth Brass Band, Youth Jazz Orchestra, Youth Strings Orchestra and the massed Youth Choirs, which see children and young people from across the region singing and learning together
  • the ensembles have taken part in performances in The Bridgewater Hall and Manchester Jazz Festival, and are looking forward to performing at The Royal Albert Hall in November

Engaging children with special education needs
Telford Music education hub

  • working with Southall Special Needs School, Telford Music education hub engaged in a bespoke, special needs version of their Whole Class Ensemble Tuition programme, over a 30 week period
  • music tutors received training, including Makaton sign language, to use specialist music assistive technology to help engage young people with physical, mental and communication needs with musical education
  • the hub provides young people with access to music technology, brass, singing, ukulele, samba and folk whistle
  • teachers from Southall Special Needs School commented:
    “The confidence that some of the special education needs children develop, performing individually flows into other areas of the curriculum: they are more prepared to have a go independently”  

First Time Live - youth project
Luton Music education hub

  • this project resulted in 2000 children and young people playing and singing an original composition with the City of London Sinfonia
  • this was made possible by the Luton Music education hub, working with the local Bridge organisation and the National portfolio organisation Orchestras Live
  • the project also included a programme of workshops and rehearsals, allowing young people to engage directly with orchestral musicians and contribute to the programming and production of concerts
  • the City of London Sinfonia toured Luton, performing pieces chosen by young people, for young people
  • 70 per cent of project participants had never previously attended an orchestral concert

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