For full details on who can apply please see the In Harmony guidance document.

Who can apply

To be eligible to submit an application to In Harmony as a lead organisation, you must:

  1. Have a track record of at least three years of working in partnership with schools and community groups 
  2. Either be a professional orchestra with a full time and established education department, or an organisation with a track record of at least two years of close
    partnership working with such an orchestra 
  3. Apply to work in an area identified as having a high proportion of most disadvantaged children (eg to work in schools in the top 20 per cent nationally for the proportion of children on free school meals. Based on 2010/11 figures, schools in this category would have 27 per cent or more of their pupils on free school meals) 
  4. Apply in partnership with local schools and/or community organisations in the identified areas 
  5. Apply for the amount specified in section two of the In Harmony guidance document - how much funding is available
  6. Apply for activity taking place between September 2012 and March 2015 
  7. Have a track record in income generation from a variety of sources 
  8. Be properly constituted as an organisation and able to make available copies of your governance documentation.This includes:
    • Limited companies registered at Companies House
    • Community interest companies (CIC) registered with the CIC regulator
    • Charities or trusts registered with the Charity Commission
    • Limited liability partnerships registered at Companies House
    • Partnerships established under a Deed of Partnership
    • Industrial and provident societies or community benefit societies subject to regulation by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)
    • Royal Charter companies
    • Statutory bodies
  9. Be registered in England

Applicants may only apply to lead one In Harmony project.

Who cannot apply

You cannot apply if you are:

  1. An organisation based outside of England
  2. An individual - we will not accept applications from people applying in a purely personal capacity
  3. An existing In Harmony project provider with funding agreed until March 2015
  4. Not the lead or joint lead partner in the project concerned