The Developing resilient leadership commissioned grant is a £1.8 million fund from Arts Council England.

Applications to this fund are now closed.

The Clore Leadership Programme has been selected as the national delivery partner for the programme. Specific details of how arts organisations can get involved in the programme will be announced in the coming months.

The purpose of the commissioned grant is to support the personal and professional development of cultural leaders. It aims to foster a strong national network of individuals who work collaboratively for more resilient cultural organisations and deeper local engagement.

The programme is one of the commissioned grants in our strategic funding programme.

Our aims for the programme

The delivery of this commissioned grant should benefit leaders of arts and cultural organisations including: national portfolio organisations, museums, libraries, and diverse leaders of arts and cultural organisations which are not currently in the national portfolio. We expect the proposed programme of activity to meet the following objectives:

  • to increase the performance and resilience of the cultural sector, in particular within those organisations whose leaders participate in the programme
  • to provide opportunities that suit the organisational and personal capacity of leaders from small organisations
  • to support the personal and professional development of a range of professionals at different stages of their careers to offer longer term experiential learning opportunities which are well matched to individuals for 'on the job' learning
  • to provide development opportunities for diverse leaders and leaders of diverse led arts and cultural organisations to ensure the sector, at all levels, is increasingly reflective of society
  • participating leaders are enabled to play an active role at the heart of civic and national life
  • an increase in the number of leaders actively collaborating in peer support networks to share their knowledge and skills
  • the sector has an improved understanding of the long term impact of leadership investment on individual careers and organisational resilience through a related programme of independent evaluation
  • our investment is used to leverage income from other sources to ensure cultural leadership is supported by other partners and mainstream initiatives and that the funded programmes are sustainable 

Value and number of awards

There is £1.8 million of funding available for Developing resilient leadership, which has been allocated from February 2013 - March 2016. Funding is not secured beyond that period but one of the objectives of the programme is to explore how the programme can become self- sustaining in the long term.

The funding is allocated from both Grant in Aid and lottery budgets.