Applications are now closed.

Catalyst Arts: building fundraising capacity is a £7 million fund which was open to applications from consortia.

Our aims for the programme

The aim of the Catalyst Arts: building fundraising capacity scheme is to enable arts organisations with an underdeveloped fundraising model to increase capacity and expertise in this area and improve their resilience. In the long-term, organisations will be better able to embed new business models that increase and diversify their income to deliver great art for everyone. These models should aim to attract fundraising from a variety of sources, particularly private giving.

Not all arts organisations currently have the dedicated resources or expertise to develop their fundraising and many have limited experience. We recognise that there are common challenges and development needs among many, often smaller, organisations including those focusing on diverse-led arts activity.

In summary, this scheme is designed to help organisations with little or no experience of fundraising to:

  • build capacity to address both shared and individual fundraising development needs of consortia members
  • identify and develop effective fundraising models that have a long-term impact on the business model of each organisation

How much funding was available?

Consortia were asked to apply for grants of between £60,000 and £150,000 for activity over two years. We received 164 applications to the scheme and have awarded 62 grants which will benefit 218 organisations. 

Grant funded activity has to be completed by 31 May 2015.  

You can download the full list of successful applicants using the link on the right.

Unlike previous Catalyst schemes, this scheme does not require applicants to raise match funding during the period of the grant. Consortia will use funds to capacity build and embed new fundraising models in their organisations. Consortia will be required to set future fundraising targets in early 2015 and explain how each member of the group will embed their new fundraising model in future business planning. 

Useful links and resources

For more information on building fundraising capacity and organisational resilience, including links to resources on consortia development visit the useful links and resources page.