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When we receive your application we will first check that it is eligible. All eligible applications will then be considered against the same set of criteria. Our decision making will be in two distinct stages.

We will consider how each application meets the following criteria:

  1. how well the project outcomes meet our goals and in particular, demonstrate the organisation's sustainability and resilience will be improved as a result of our capital investment
  1. how well the organisation demonstrates it has the capacity, skills and experience to deliver the project and associated outcomes
  1. the extent to which the project demonstrates it will meet high standards
  1. the extent to which the budget is appropriate to the type and scale of the project including demonstrating realistic plans for raising other funding

Our assessment will use the expertise of our staff and independently appointed assessors to judge how well your application meets the four criteria. Identifying and considering the level of risk in your project and what plans you have in place to mitigate these risks is an important part of our assessment.

It is likely that there will be more applications that meet these criteria than available funding. To achieve the final list of successful applications, we will consider the following three areas to balance the projects funded against the available budget in each round:

  • timescales - we will take into account the need to achieve a range of projects with varying delivery timescales, including spending any grant from us
  • partnership funding - the extent to which the projects overall will secure funding from other sources
  • risk - the extent of the risks to the overall balance of projects in each round

There is no mechanistic formula for balancing the final list of projects in each round. This is a framework against which we will make an informed judgement about how each project might contribute to the overall mix in the context of the funds available to distribute.

There may be applications which are strong in the first stage assessment but which are not funded because in the second stage they do not fit into this overall picture.

Who will make the decision

Decisions will be made by the Arts Council.

If you are successful

Any decision to offer funding will be subject to acceptance of a Grant Agreement and our Standard terms and conditions for grants. This offer may be for a different sum than that requested by you in your application. Further details are provided in Section six: what happens if you are offered a grant of the guidance.

If you are unsuccessful

If you are unsuccessful, we will provide feedback so you can consider reapplying at the next round.