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We will consider how each application meets the following criteria:

  • how well the project outcomes meet our goals and in particular, demonstrate that the organisation's sustainability and resilience will be improved as a result of our capital investment
  • how well the organisation demonstrates that the demand for the project justifies the scale of the required investment
  • how well the organisation demonstrates it has the capacity, skills and experience to deliver the project and associated outcomes
  • the extent to which the proposed timetable for planning and delivering the project is based on realistic assumptions

Each of the criteria will have 'prompts', questions our assessors ask themselves about the applications to help identify key issues. These prompts are set out in section seven of our guidance document.

It is likely that there will be more applications that meet these criteria than available funding. To achieve the final list of organisations to progress to stage two, we will consider the following three areas to balance the projects funded against the available budget in each round:

  • timescales - we will take into account the need to achieve a range of projects with varying delivery timescales, and timescales for spending any grant from us

  • partnership funding - the extent to which the projects overall will secure funding from other sources

  •  risk - the extent of the risks to the overall balance of projects

There is no mechanistic formula for balancing the organisations admitted to stage two. This is a framework against which we will make an informed judgement about how each project might contribute to the overall mix in the context of the funds available to distribute.

There may be applications which are strong in the first phase assessment but which are not invited to make a stage two application because in the second phase they do not fit into this overall picture.