To help ensure that every child and young person has the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts, we will fund a small number of 'Bridge' organisations within the National portfolio and our Major partner museums. Their role is to provide an environment in which cultural education can flourish both in and out of school.

Bridge organisations are primarily facilitators and are not expected to directly deliver arts and cultural opportunities for children and young people, although an organisation may undertake wider education and learning work through its core business.

The Bridge role may be undertaken by a museum, an arts organisation or an arts education agency.

If you are interested in applying

Specific criteria apply to Bridge applications. You must have a preliminary conversation with us before applying for Bridge funding.

You should contact the Customer Services team who will direct you to an appropriate senior relationship manager at Arts Council England.

If you do apply for Bridge funding you must use the online Bridge application form to apply, addressing the Bridge criteria and application guidance set out in Annex A of the National portfolio application pack. 

Other useful information 

You can find out about our existing Bridge organisations

For more information on applying to be a Bridge organisation in 2015-18, go to page 35 in the National portfolio, 2015-18, application guidance.