Full eligibility criteria, including a desciption of how a consortium should be formed, is available in the guidance notes for applicants, which are available to download in PDF and Word formats.

Who can apply

To be eligible to submit an application as a lead organisation, you must:

1. apply for the amount specified in section three financial range and delivery timetable

2. apply for activity taking place between January 2014 and January 2017

3. be properly constituted as an organisation, based in England and able to make available copies of your governance documentation. This includes:

  • limited companies registered at Companies House
  • community interest companies (CIC) registered with the CIC regulator
  • charitable incorporated organisation
  • charities or trusts registered with the Charity Commission
  • limited liability partnerships registered at Companies House
  • partnerships established under a Deed of Partnership
  • industrial and provident societies or community benefit societies subject to regulation by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)
  • Royal Charter companies
  • statutory bodies
  • museums and libraries can apply but only where the proposals are to conduct arts-focussed activity

Who can not apply

You cannot apply if you are:

1. an organisation based outside of England

2. an individual

What we are looking for

We are seeking proposals from partnerships or consortia with a lead organisation that will submit the application and which can be either a residential care provider or an arts organisation. These can be:

  • residential care providers whether private, not for profit and or public sector
  • arts organisations or other specialist organisations with a strong track record in providing high quality arts and cultural experiences

We would expect the lead organisation not only to manage and be responsible for the grant on behalf of the partnership but also demonstrate commitment to and expertise in the aims and objectives of this grant commission in developing arts approaches in the residential care sector.

Once the grant has been awarded, we would expect the lead organisation to agree and sign a partnership agreement with all consortium partners to ensure buy-in and commitment to delivering on the agreed project outcomes. 

We are looking for partnership or consortia based proposals. Partnerships can be led by either residential care providers or arts organisations however the consortium must be made up of senior representatives from both the residential care sector and the arts demonstrating a commitment to working together.

Other specialists who work with older people may also be included as named partners in the consortium whether arts or non-arts organisations.

We encourage the inclusion of local authorities as partners where appropriate, but we would not support applications where local authorities are the lead applicant.