The Artists' International Development fund is jointly funded by the British Council and Arts Council England.

The programme offers early stage development opportunities for individual artists, writers and producers based in England to spend time building links with creators and cultural organisations in another country. 

The deadline for round nine of the Artists' International Development Fund will be 5pm on 1 May 2015.  The application portal is currently closed but will re-open again for applications from 23 March 2015. You wil be able to download the revised application guidance from this date. 


You can download the lists of successful applicants using the link on the right. 

The programme is one of the targeted grants in our strategic funding programme.

Seventh round of successful applicants announced June 2014

We have announced the successful applicants from Round seven. Successful projects from the latest round cover all art forms and a wide range of countries.

Countries successful applicants will be visiting include Germany, Japan, Nigeria, India, Israel, Mongolia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, Mali, Austria, Bangladesh, South Korea, Brazil, USA and Georgia

There were 211 eligible entries, of which 51 (24%) were successful. There is an increase in the amount available for the next two rounds, £200,000 each for Rounds seven and eight. This will mean we can support even more high quality applications in the future.

Our aims for the programme

We have developed the Artists' international development fund to help us achieve our aims within Goal 1 of our 10-year framework Great art and culture for everyone: excellence. We want artists to be open to international perspectives and to expand their horizons. 

The British Council and the Arts Council want the programme to produce:

  • a cadre of artists and creative practitioners in the UK (and also globally) who have experienced the benefits of international working between the UK and other countries and are advocates for it among their peers
  • an increase in the amount of international collaboration among artists between the UK and other countries across the arts and creative industries
  • artistic development for artists

The Arts Council and British Council have a memorandum of understanding in place, focussed around this work. 

Value and number of awards

Artists are able to apply for small grants (minimum of £1,000 up to £5,000). You can only apply to the Artists' international development programme once in any financial year.

We have limited funds available and expect that there will be a significant demand for investment. It is likely that there will be good applications that we will not be able to fund. You should also think about other sources of investment, in case we are unable to award funding. If you have already been awarded a grant from Artists' international development fund, you are unlikely to receive a second award because we want to use the fund to support as many individual artists and arts practitioners as possible. 

Information about other organisations that distribute Lottery grants can be found at If you decide to make an application, we wish you every success.

Funding for film makers 

In parallel with the Artists' international development fund, the British Council are administering a separate fund for film makers designed to help emerging UK film talent travel with their work and reach new international audiences. The Travel Grant Fund will support makers of short films in the UK in showing their work at international film festivals.

Visit the British Council's website for further information.