We will check your application to ensure that it is eligible and that you have provided all the information we have requested.

We will make our decision based on the information you provide in your application, any further information that we request and, where relevant, data and information from the Charity Commission and Companies House websites relating to your constitution and audited accounts from the past two years.

Applications will be assessed using a five-point word scoring:

  • Not Met
  • Potential
  • Met
  • Met - Strong
  • Met - Outstanding

On the basis of these ratings we will recommend whether an application is suitable for funding. Applications that do not achieve at least Met under all three criteria will not be recommended for funding.

We will look at each individual application on its own merits and assess against the criteria outlined in the guidance document.

Completed assessments and recommendations will be considered by a panel that will make final recommendations on which application to fund and any suggested conditions of funding to the Arts Council's Management Committee.

The decision will be made by the Arts Council's Management Committee under its delegated arrangements.

Applicants will be notified of the decision no later than 24 October 2012.

Any decision to offer funding will be subject to discussing and finalising a detailed funding agreement. This process could result in agreed changes to your planned activities and budgets and, consequently, to your level of funding.

For more information download the 2013 Britten Centenary fund guidance using the links on the right.