We have awarded a total of over £2 million to 13 projects in the fourteenth funding round of our Strategic touring programme. Read more about the projects below, and download a list of all successful applicants to the Strategic touring programme on the right of this web page.

Ultimate Holding Company (UHC Collective) 
Amount: £89,370

UHC will work with four social housing providers in the North and London, establishing a touring network for socially engaged artists through creative projects. These projects aim to overcome barriers to engagement and participation in the arts, focusing in particular on developing new audiences and providing practical options for artistic employment. The aim is also to initiate positive social change, well-being, happiness and community feeling.

Zion Arts Centre 
Amount: £453,176

This project, which will encourage a wide range of high quality children’s theatre to thrive in the North West of England, follows a successful Arts Council funded pilot programme. Recognising the long term benefits of the initiative, the fund will be used to encourage long-standing collaborations between touring companies and a wide range of partners through a bold and ambitious policy for developing creative relationships.

Amount: £45,858

The fund will support the first year of Follow the Diversion, a three year outdoor arts tour which aims to engage with communities in East Yorkshire. A participatory initiative, the tour will be performed by young people in six rural communities least engaged in the arts, delivering high quality and accessible content. The project will also develop a community training programme with the aim of sustaining existing and new participants as well as audiences.

Lakeside Arts Centre - Inside Out of Mind 
Amount: £186,893 

Funding of this project will remount and tour Meeting Ground; Lakeside’s existing co-production of Inside Out of Mind to six national venues.  The project will be managed by Managed Innovation Network (MIN) with Lakeside Arts Centre acting as lead manager.  The production will be filmed and the digital content will provide extended reach through screenings and onward distribution.

Fittings Multimedia Arts - Missing!
Amount: £109,950

The funding of this project will cover the development, tour and creation of digital content for this production. Part of the project includes twelve months of outreach work with groups of young people, with a particular focus of reaching disabled and socially excluded groups to develop a piece of ‘deaf-friendly musical theatre’.  The work will tour to a range of traditional and non-traditional venues in the areas where the outreach residencies took place during the second year of the project.

Red Ladder Theatre Company - Playing The Joker
Amount: £21,500 

The Playing the Joker tour will take this project to 26 venues, comprising of sports and rugby league clubs across the north area.  The tour will work towards building new partners and a network of touring venues to attract new and low engaged audiences. 

Caravan Gallery – Pride of Place Project
Amount: £209,515 

The participatory Pride of Place Project will tour selected work from the ‘Is Britain Great?’ archive. The project will run over three years and will deliver six 12 week programmes of audience development touring activity and engage a broad range of areas and communities.

ARC, Stockton Arts Centre – REACH
Amount: £862,430

REACH is a project designed to increase the amount and quality of contemporary performance work touring into the North East, both during and beyond the project. Through the presentation of more than 150 performances at nine venues in the region, the REACH project will attract new audiences and reach communities who would not usually be able to access this type of work at their local venue.

Stopgap Dance Company - Reach - Raising the Profile of Integrated Dance
Amount: £224,731

Stopgap Dance will deliver Reach, a three year programme designed to build a sustainable touring network and raise the profile of integrated dance and disabled artists. The project will tour innovative, high quality work to engage with and inspire new and diverse audiences, particularly disabled people; this will be coupled with a comprehensive outreach programme to increase participation.

Dance South West Ltd – Shift and Share
Amount: £158,609

Shift and Share is a nineteen month programme of small-scale dance touring in the south west. Working with a range of partners, the programme will include three tours across a network of twenty four venues.

The Met – Smaller Room Music Touring
Amount: £138,000

Smaller Room Music Touring will establish a venue/promoter led consortium to build skills and knowledge in music programming and audience development.  The project will run over three years and will promote four emerging artists annually who will showcase at regional festivals with support to develop local audiences.  The project will create a network of skilled, resilient small venues in the north.

UP Projects - The Floating Cinema Grand Tour from Brentford to Bristol and Back
Amount: £70,000

UP Projects (London) will create Floating Cinema: Grand Tour from Brentford to Bristol and Back, which will travel to locations along the waterways of outer London and the South West to present a programme of visual art, live performance and moving image. Set on a specially designed boat that will accommodate audiences of 10–500 at any one time, The Floating Cinema provides audiences with an extra-ordinary space in which they can enjoy and engage with arts and culture.

Julia Bird - TwoTouring Poetry Shows
Amount: £91,550

Julia Bird will develop and tour two new theatrically produced poetry shows for Daljit Nagra and Clare Pollard, in 2014 and 2015 respectively. The tour will visit twenty two venues across England, providing new, highly diverse audiences with the opportunity to engage with high quality poetry.