The Strategic touring programme has six funding rounds for applications per year. You can submit your application at any time during the year and we will inform you by email of the date on which you should hear the outcome of your application.

To be considered for a particular funding round, applications must be submitted by 5pm on the deadline day for that round - see dates below.

Any decision to offer funding will be subject to finalising an offer letter and any special conditions for grants.

Application deadline dates: 2015-16

Updated guidance will be issued on the 20 March 2015 for applicants applying to rounds after 20 March 2015.

While the overall aims of the Programme remain the same, the update will include new priorities to increase inbound international work touring England and middle-scale theatre touring. Addressing the Creative Case for diversity will continue to be a priority. 

Whilst we will still encourage applications relating to work for, by and with Children and Young People, this will not be a priority from May 2015, as there have been a significant amount of awards and activity delivering against this aim. Literature and dance have been less well-represented in terms of applications and awards, so we particularly look forward to receiving applications for these artforms that address the aims of the Programme.

The Strategic touring programme is now in its third year, and the Arts Council will be undertaking an evaluation of the programme in 2015.

 Round  Deadline  When you will hear the outcome
18  Friday 9 January 2015   Monday 2 March 2015
19  Friday 20 March 2015  Monday 11 May 2015
20  Friday 15 May 2015  Monday 29 June 2015
21  Friday 3 July 2015  Monday 14 September 2015
22  Friday 18 September 2015  Monday 9 November 2015  
23 Friday 13 November 2015  Monday 18 January 2016