There are three steps to applying for PRISM funding.

1    Read the guidance

Before applying, download and read our guidance document.

2    Apply online

There are two separate online application forms for acquisition and conservation grants which are available via our online application portal (from 1 April 2015).

If a project includes both acquisition and conservation work, you must complete both forms.

3    Provide supporting information

As part of your application, you will be asked to provide:

  • at least two good quality photographs (if you are purchasing an item at auction you can provide a URL to the auction house's images)
  • a supporting statement establishing the significance of the material in a local, regional or national context and explaining why your institution is a suitable home for the object. Priority will be given to objects of national significance
  • a statement on how you intend to provide public access, alongside an interpretation/access plan
  • a financial breakdown and estimates and quotes for all costs. Please separate out VAT costs

In the case of conservation grants you will also need to provide a conservation project plan which explains the project work in detail, along with information about timeframes, materials, methods and workforce.

To check if your conservator is included on the conservation register maintained by the Institute of Conservation, please telephone 020 7785 3804, visit, or email

For further information on how to apply, download and read our guidance.

Apply online