All Accredited museums are eligible except national organisations funded directly through the central government. A list of all national organisations is supplied at the end of our guidance document.

Applications are also accepted from other charitable or public bodies engaged in the preservation of eligible material. This includes specialist libraries, public repositories, and archives or libraries formally linked to local authorities or eligible bodies such as universities and religious organisations. Where none of these applies, other bodies may apply provided they can demonstrate that they are charitable trusts which are:

  • established for educational and heritage purposes
  • appropriately organised to hold and/or develop collections of artefacts (in some cases a single artefact)
  • able to provide regular access to the item to be funded
  • viable in the medium to long term. The group should have a large membership base and be able to demonstrate that its membership is not static and that new members are replacing those that leave

Private individuals, society-run or company-run museums without charitable status are not eligible. Grant-aided material must be held in the public domain and there must be a long-term intention to retain and care for it.

Further information on who can apply, and eligible and ineligible costs, can be found in our guidance document.

If you are interested in applying, visit the how to apply page.