Before making your application, please read the Grants for the arts Libraries fund guidance notes, in addition to the How to apply page for Grants for the arts. You may also find the information sheets on particular aspects of applying to Grants for the arts helpful.

To submit your application to the Grants for the arts libraries fund, please follow the instructions on our Grants for the arts pages.

Please note: As applications to the Grants for the arts Libraries fund are made through our online portal we need to be able to identify them easily when they are submitted.

In the section of the online application form called 'Description of the activity', we ask: 'What is the name or working title of the activity you are applying to do?'

Libraries applicants should give the name of their activity, followed by the suffix (Libraries fund).

If you have questions that the application materials do not answer, or if you need advice about your application or the activity you are applying for, we strongly advise you to contact us before you apply.

After you apply

Please visit our After you apply page to find out what will happen after you apply. 

Activity report

If we give you a grant, we will ask you to evaluate your work and fill in an activity report form. Find out more here.