The application form is designed to give us most of the information we need to come to a decision on your application. You must also upload an additional document alongside your application:

  • a scan of a letter from your host confirming the project details

This letter should be on headed paper (where possible), and should confirm the host’s commitment to the project, including any in kind and/or financial contributions, and an outline of their role. It should evidence that there has been shared planning undertaken by the applicant and the host.

An email from the host will be acceptable if the email is from a named individual and features their full contact details as a signature (name, address, phone number, email address and website).


  • we can only accept one document
  • the document can be a maximum of three pages
  • the maximum file size you can upload is 10MB
  • we can accept the following formats: pdf, jpeg (image file), Microsoft Word

Please do not upload any material other than what we have asked for, or links to folders or sites containing lots of documents — we will not be able to take these into account.