Once you have submitted your online application you get an auto confirmation email. This will be sent to the email address which you used to log into the portal. The email will include a PDF copy of your application for your reference.

1. Eligibility check

Once the deadline for a round has passed, we receive all submitted applications. When we get your application we first check whether it is eligible. More information on eligibility can be found in the guidance  (word / pdf).

If your application is not eligible, this means that we cannot process it any further and it will not be considered for funding. If your application is not eligible we will write to you to let you know, and will explain our decision.

If your application is eligible, we will send you a confirmation email. The email will give you a reference number, which we will use whenever we contact you about your application. Please quote your reference number if you need to contact us.

We will complete our eligibility check within 10 working days of the deadline for the round. If you have not heard from us within this time you can contact us at , or on 0845 300 6200.

2. Risk check

If your application is eligible, we will carry out a risk check. This check looks at how realistic and achievable your management plans and budget are.

What we look at as part of the risk check includes (but is not limited to):

  • timeline
    For example: Is the timeline achievable and detailed enough?
  • partnerships
    For example: Are appropriate partnerships in place to support the activity, and are they confirmed?
  • planning
    For example: Is the activity sufficiently well planned?
  • evaluation
    For example: Are plans to evaluate the activity appropriate?
  • budget
    For example: Is the budget reasonable and appropriate for the activity you’ve proposed?
  • financial management
    For example: Are there appropriate measures in place to manage the budget?
  • equipment purchase
    For example: Are any asset purchases justified clearly, and are the costings based on sufficient research?

How we look at risk
We can give any of these factors a risk rating of high, medium or low.
High risk means that a particular issue gives us concern that the activity is not likely to be managed successfully and/or there are serious concerns about your budget.

If we consider any aspects of your activity’s management or finances to be high risk, we cannot process it any further and it will not be funded. If your application is unsuccessful at the risk check stage, we will write to you to let you know, and will explain our decision.

For more information on the risk check please download the guidance .

3. Decision making

After completing the risk check, we will consider the strength of the opportunity for artistic development presented by your activity. We will also use the knowledge of our staff across the country to inform our appraisal of applications, and will request comments from British Council staff as part of the appraisal process.

We will consider your activity alongside other applications and will look at the range of projects we support. We want the projects we fund to cover a broad range of artforms, activity types and geographical areas. Please remember that the Artists’ international development fund is a highly competitive programme.

When we will reach a decision
We will aim to reach a decision on all eligible applications within seven weeks from the date you submitted.