Who can apply?

The programme is open to artists of any artform:

  • who have received recognition for their work in England
  • who do not have extensive international experience
  • whose work will benefit from launching better international networks - either artistically or in terms of developing an audience for their work
  • who can demonstrate an interest in their work from an overseas partner/host

Individual artists, including creative producers, curators and editors, can apply. 

Although the Artists' international development programme is aimed at individual artists, small groups of artists who normally collaborate in their work can also apply. This could include, for example, musicians and visual artists who usually create work together, or writers and their translators.

Resources do not cover residencies for larger groups such as whole theatre or dance groups, or curatorial work based from a gallery or museum involving researching and setting up an exhibition. The programme can cover the targeted exchange of key creative people to develop new concepts or relationships.

Who cannot apply?

The following individuals cannot apply:

  • anyone under the age of 18 at the time of application
  • students, for projects related to their course of study or their tuition fees (by student we mean a person following a course of study in a school, a college or a university)
  • individuals based (living) outside England
  • small groups who cannot demonstrate that they have a history of working collaboratively
  • companies or organisations

If you fall into one of these categories, your application will not be eligible to be assessed.

What artforms will be considered?

Your proposal can be in any of the following artforms:

  • combined arts
  • literature
  • music
  • theatre
  • dance visual arts

What type of application won't be considered?

You cannot apply to the fund with any of the following proposals:

  • projects that are not arts related
  • film or video production and cinema exhibition, unless it is in support of artists' work in the moving image (including film and video)
  • training or education projects
  • projects which take place or start before we would be able to decide on your application (i.e. within six weeks of the application deadline)
  • costs that are already covered by other funding
  • general running costs and overheads that are paid for by other income, including your own funds
  • ongoing overheads related to equipment or buildings, such as insurance and maintenance costs
  • fund-raising events, such as charity galas
  • buying equipment and instruments
  • projects in a formal education settings for educational purposes necessary by law
  • projects with a primary focus on social development (we will not consider the proposal unless the focus of the project is clearly and primarily artistic)

For further information on eligibility, please read our guidance (word / pdf).