Creative Case for Diversity

Our mission is great art and culture for everyone - we can only achieve this if we make a commitment to promoting and embedding diversity throughout the work we fund and support. We call this the Creative Case for Diversity.

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Diversity and equality are crucial to the arts because they sustain, refresh, replenish and release the true potential of England’s artistic talent – from every background.

We believe the diverse nature of contemporary England offers unique opportunities for artistic collaborations, innovation, risk-taking, and investment in talent development. Since 2011 Arts Council England has been working with the sector to develop an arts-centred approach to embracing diversity. This approach is the Creative Case for Diversity.

The Creative Case for Diversity provides the catalyst for an arts-centred approach to diversity. It is not a policy or a piece of work to be viewed in isolation. It is a way of approaching how we as organisations or individuals embrace diversity in our everyday practice, across all artforms, organisation types, museums and participatory practice. At the heart of this concept is a shift from a deficit model of diversity to a more positive and creative stance.

The Creative Case for Diversity is a way of exploring how organisations and artists can enrich the work they do by embracing a wide range of diverse influences and practices. Organisations are expected to show how they will contribute to the Creative Case for Diversity through the work they produce, present and distribute.

We believe that with a clear approach to the Creative Case for Diversity in place, organisations will be better placed to address other challenges and opportunities in relation to audience development, widening public engagement, diversifying the workforce, and refreshing leadership and governance to reflect the diversity of contemporary England across all aspects of their work.

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