Following a meeting with Ed Vaizey during his visit to the United States, Michael Kaiser, a world-renowned leader in philanthropy and arts management, delivered six fundraising master classes in the UK in May and June 2011.

Videos from the Bristol seminar are now available on the Arts Council YouTube channel.

The seminars aimed to support arts leaders in building organisational strength through fundraising and strategic planning, and create a ground shift in organisational thinking. They were targeted at chief executives and senior staff in arts and cultural organisations. 

The Arts Council is hosted these seminars as part of our commitment to strengthening business models in the arts and to help arts organisations diversify their income streams by encouraging private giving.  

Seminar resources

Download the Twenty five rules for fundraising sheet

Download the Funding resources document  

Michael Kaiser

Michael Kaiser has been President of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC since 2001. He was Chief Executive of the Royal Opera House from 1998-2000 and, during his tenure, the organisation erased its historic accumulated deficit, completed a £214 million redevelopment of the facility, created an endowment fund, and greatly increased its level of support from the private and public sectors.

He created the Kennedy Center Arts Management Institute to provide advanced training for arts administrators at varying stages of development and has created a series of programmes to help train others in the field. 

He also advises performing arts organisations around the world on building institutional strength through marketing, strategic planning and fundraising, and, in this capacity, is currently working with arts leaders in 60 countries. He has created a website that provides resources to arts managers around the world.