Annual submissions report

National Portfolio Organisations and Major Partner Museums are required to complete an annual submission as a condition of their regular funding from Arts Council England.

About the annual submission

This submission collects data on organisation profile, staffing, financial statements, numbers of performances, exhibition days, film screenings and educational activities, as well as known and estimated audiences for these activities. It also collects data on touring activities.

The annual submission is used as a monitoring document. Its purposes are:

1. As evidence of the use of our funding, for reporting to Government and other key stakeholders

2. To support our monitoring of the whole National Portfolio (a major strand of our funding), informing Arts Council policies, aims and ambitions


Organisations submit their return in June, for activity covering the financial year that ended the previous 31 March. The headline statistics from this survey, which form part of our official statistics provided to the Office of National Statistics, are published here on our website in October. The full annual submission report is published the following April.

For example, for the 2014/15 annual submission:

  • Deadline for submissions: June 2015
  • Headline statistics published: October 2015
  • Full annual submission report published: April 2016
  • Full datasets made available: October 2016

The full set of reports are available here for the most recent three reporting years. Headline statistics and the full annual submission reports are also available for the preceding three reporting years.

Ask a question

If you have any questions about these reports, or wish to request reports from earlier reporting years, please email We would also welcome any feedback you might have on this release, including its format, timing and data quality.

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Annual Survey 2015/16

21 March 2017

Details of how and when we'll release the data from the 2015/16 National Portfolio Annual Survey.

2015-16 Annual Submission Headline Statistics

13 October 2016

2014-15 Annual Submission Full Dataset

13 October 2016

2014-15 Annual Submission Touring Dataset

13 October 2016

2014-15 Full annual submission report

23 March 2016

2014-15 Annual submission headline statistics

08 March 2016

2013-14 Annual submission headline statistics

08 March 2016

2013-14 Full annual submission report

08 March 2016

2013-14 Full dataset

08 March 2016