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Front page of Turning Point Network final evaluation report

Turning Point Network final evaluation report

Date:6 October 2011
Artform:Visual arts
Subject:Partnership and collaboration, Strategic thinking, Supporting the arts sector

The Turning Point Network is a dynamic national network comprising 13 regional groups of artists, arts professionals and organisations. It was formed to deliver Turning Point, the 10-year strategy for strengthening the visual arts in England published in 2006, which complements and is embedded in our 10-year framework Achieving great art for everyone.

Annabel Jackson Associates was appointed to evaluate the Turning Point Network during the pilot period 2008-2011, and will continue to do so now that its national coordination has been transferred to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. This report summarises the pilot evaluation's findings in two parts:

Part one: Main text - key messages and illustrative case studies            
Part two: Evidence - main surveys and logic models

Author:Annabel Jackson Associates Ltd