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The size and scope of music education charities in England

Date:14 November 2012

In 2011 the Evidence and Analysis Unit at the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) produced a short report that looked at data from the Charities Commission and mapped just over 8,000 charities within the broad 'culture' sector.

The report plotted the geographic spread of the charities and looked at broad trends in income profile and activity types. Of these charities 2,133 have been identified as delivering music and education. In response to this work the Arts Council commissioned research agency NCVO to complete the analysis of the Charities Commission data and map the current location and key characteristics of these music education charities.

As well as plotting the geographic location of the charities, the research looked at trends, patterns and common themes to this data. Arts Council England will use these to:

1. Provide an accessible directory of local and regional music education charities.

2. Ensure that Music education hubs and other organisations are able to identify and partner with relevant local charities.

3. Link music education provision supported by the Arts Council, together with the resources of the charities sector in order to maximise the resources of both parts of the ecology.

Author:David Kane and Jenny Clark