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Front page of New Landscapes: Outdoor arts development plan

New Landscapes: Outdoor arts development plan

Date:6 June 2008
Subject:Funding, Strategic thinking, Supporting the arts sector

A plan to support the development needs of outdoor arts in England. 

Steering Group members Simon Jutton, Head of Development, SW Tania Wilmer, Big Dance Co-ordinator, NAT Charlotte Woodward, Theatre, Strategy Officer, NAT Chenine Bhathena, Theatre, Officer, L Anni Oskala, Research, Officer, NAT John McMahon, Learning and Skills, Officer, NAT Louise Rainbow, Crafts and Literature, Assistant Officer, EM Jayne Quantril, Performing Arts, Assistant Officer, EM Sarah Reed, Visual Arts, EM Lauren Belle, Combined Arts, Officer, SE Leonie Sakey, 2012 lead, London Mark Mulqueen, Head of performing arts, NE Alison Andrews, Performing Arts, Officer, Y John Hartley, Arts and Ecology, Officer, London Sian Williams, Disability officer, L Stephanie Fuller, Public Realm, Officer, SE Phil Deverell, Head of Grants for the Arts, NAT Nell Bailey, Theatre, Assistant Officer, WM Sarah Da Fonseca, Dance, Officer, East

Author:Arts Council England