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National Portfolio Organisations and Major Partner Museums: Key data from the 2012/13 annual submission

Date:4 April 2014
Subject:About the Arts Council

Each year arts organisations that receive annual funding from Arts Council England, as part of the national portfolio, are invited to provide information on organisation profile, financial statements, number of performances, exhibitions, film screenings and educational activities, known and estimated attendance figures for these activities and touring activity (where relevant). This is known as an annual submission.

An online submission form was made available to all National portfolio organisations from May 2013 to June 2013. Guidance notes were provided and the Arts Council provided further support while organisations were completing their submissions.

The 690 National portfolio organisations were requested to complete the annual survey and 689 responses were analysed. This release is therefore based on information provided by 689 arts organisations in receipt of national portfolio funding from Arts Council England in 2012/13.

Arts Council England distributed approximately £338 million of regular funding to these 689 National Portfolio Organisations.

Following an enquiry some of the data contained in this document has been ammended.  The updated document was republished in December 2014 .

Author:Arts Council England