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Date:5 October 2009
Area:South West

During the past four years, a number of surveys, audits and studies have reviewed Disability and Deaf Arts in the south west and these have informed the current study. The aim for this piece of work was to get to the heart of what matters for disabled and Deaf artists in the region. The focus has been threefold:


  • to explore with these artists what they need to support their professional development
  • to look at existing support and assess its effectiveness in meeting these needs
  • to identify the potential in the region for a wider range of support services.


Disabled and Deaf artists in the south west have a right, and very much want, to be at the forefront of this vision. This report sets out to present an accurate portrayal of the issues these artists have raised as being of paramount importance to support their full, equal and active participation in this vision.


The research was carried out during June, July and August 2009.  It includes interviews with 20 Deaf and disabled artists, a survey questionnaire completed by 32 Deaf and disabled artists, four Local Authority Arts Officers and 48 arts organisations of which 12 described themselves as disabled-led.


The survey will inform the Arts Council's future investment in Deaf and disabled artists.

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