Management account templates

These templates have been designed as a simple guide on how to present your management accounts, to make them easy to prepare and to make sure they can be understood by readers.

There are two templates available to download , choose the one that best suits your organisation. 

Management accounts template A

This should be used for whole organisation management accounts.

It is a higher level template which incorporates all your income and expenditure into one sheet including a summary of your programme/project expenditure. 


Management accounts template A

Management accounts template B

This template may be more useful if your organisation splits out their management accounts to manage projects.

It has two tabs: the first, a summary of non-project income and expenditure with a summary at the bottom of any surpluses or deficits from programme or project activity; and the second tab, showing the detailed income and expenditure of each programme or project that can be aligned with Arts Council goals and priorities. 


Management accounts template B

How to complete the templates

Not all the income and expenditure headings on the templates will be relevant to your organisation; you will need to customise the template to accommodate your own projects and activities.

Type the month which you are preparing in the Period No box as a number from 1-12, one being the first month of your financial year.

The templates are set out, so the current period budget is 1/12th of the annual budget and the year to date budget is 1/12th of the annual budget multiplied by the number of periods up to the current period you are in.

These fields are worked out automatically for you once you have input your annual budget. These can be overridden if your budgets are not proportional over the year.

On a monthly basis you will need to:

  • complete the actual columns for the current period and the year to date. The variances are automatic sums and should not need amending
  • complete the projection column (estimated income and expenditure for the whole year, taking into account actuals to date and forecast to end of financial year)

Where there are variances, please complete the notes column describing why the variances have arisen.

Notes on templates

Comment boxes have been added to the templates to give further guidance while you are inputting your data. To access comment boxes, let your cursor hover over the cell with the red triangle in the corner.

Cells, which would not normally need to be amended, have been protected. This is mainly to protect formulas and the assist in the overall manageability of the template.

These cells can be unprotected by following the menu items: Tools/Protection/Unprotect Sheet. However it is advisable to re-protect the sheet after making any amendments to your template.